Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Frustration with The GIMP

That's the GNU Image Manipulation Program, not the noun meaning (1) A limp or a limping gait or (2) A person who limps.

I'm working on a project that requires teeny tiny little pictures. As in 5mm x 7mm. The pictures will be printed by a photo lab, so printer resolution is not what's causing me so much grief.

My first problem is that I simply don't understand why pictures are one size on the screen yet print as something entirely different. And how can it be that two images the computer tells me are 4x6 (inches) are completely different sizes when displayed side-by-side on the screen - when both are supposedly being displayed at at 100%?

The second and even more aggravating problem has to do with image reduction. I have not been able to figure out how to make the images as small as I need without having them become blurry. I know it's theoretically possible, because two of the images I'm working with were reduced by someone else and the prints they gave me are perfectly clear and crisp. (Before anyone asks, no I can't ask that person how she did it. I want to know so that I can stop paying her to do it for me - and,if it turns out I enjoy the work, I may end up going into the business myself and would become one of her competitors.)

I've looked at the help files, I've read both the books I bought on GIMP, I've even been to the library in the hope that a more general discussion of digital photography would help. And I've tried playing with the images. For days. Thus far, all I've managed to do is produce images that are clear when large and blurry when they're the size I need.


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