Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Fashion and fashion advice

At 1:00 this morning, I found myself watching 'I've Got Nothing to Wear,' a new reality series on TLC. I hadn't heard of the show before tuning in; from what I gather, each episode concerns a woman with a wardrobe problem (what to bring on a three-week business trip or what to wear on stage in the case of the two episodes I saw). The woman works with the show's resident stylist Jorge Ramone to determine her fashion goals and to find items in her closet that can be refashioned. Then, back the "chop shop,' three students, under the supervision of designer George Simonton, get out their scissors.

The part of the show that most intrigued me was the "look book" presented to each woman to help her learn how to pair her separates and accessories. I suppose most women learn how to accessorize when they are young, but I think I must have slept through those lessons. That or attending a parochial school with a strict uniform policy warped me for life.

When it comes to fashion, I may beyond help. For example, I recently checked The Science of Sexy out from the library. The 'science' in the title comes from the 48 body types the author has identified. Each type is represented by a numeric value determined by height, weight, and shoulder-bust-hip ratio. That part made sense to me. My troubles began a few pages later when the author asked me to identify body parts I considered flawed (there was no category for "all of them") and to identify the three parts of my body I love (none). Then there was the question about the image I want to project. The choices were (A) sophisticated and glamorous, (B) conservative and classic, (C) trendy and cool, (D) hippie chic, and (E) all-out-sexy. None of these describe what I want -- a combination of intelligent and artistic.

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