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Project 52

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Jebra went off to work Motor City Furry Con Thursday night and didn't return until Monday afternoon. I didn't do a whole lot while he was gone other than go out for a short walk each day he was absent, take care of Fiona, watch a ton of recorded stuff on the DVR some of which has been on there for years. Like an episode of A Very Brady Renovation which aired in September 2019. I only recorded one episode, entirely out of curiosity. Apparently I wasn't curious enough to watch it at the time and never saw (or recorded) any of the other three episodes but remained curious enough to keep the recording. It was interesting enough to watch but I am not regretful I didn't record the others.

At some point I phoned my mother to see how she was doing. She was getting ready to go to a musical event at the Legion Hall and was in pretty good mood other than being frustrated for having lost one of her brand new hearing aids. She said she laid down for a nap on the couch and when she woke up she realized one was no long in her ear. Since then she's been searching the house, her car, and the walk to and from her mailbox but it has not yet reappeared. I suggested looking in the couch but she says she and someone else practically took the couch apart searching for it and it was nowhere to be found. I hope it turns up as earring aids are expensive!

Last night the knitting guild held their second meeting of the year indoors at the church. We had a very full house and the room was packed when I got there. So much so that I had to start a new table at the end of the room (we are allowing only 4 people per table due to COVID rules). It worked out for me thought as one of my favorite guild sisters arrived shortly after I did and sat at my table, as did two other people I don't know well but enjoyed interacting with. And when the presentation by our special guest (the owner of M1 Yarns) began her presentation, my table was closest. She has some very pretty yarn but I avoided buying any. I really need to crochet faster so I can get the crap yarn out of the house and spend more time knitting with the good stuff. My stash of yarn for the cat beds did not, ultimately, decrease as I'm pretty sure I brought home the same amount I transformed into cat beds while Jebra was at the con.

What with him being at the convention, no yard work got done last week. I thought we'd be able to do some last Wednesday but that turned out to be shopping for supplies and packing up. We might be able to do some tonight if the weather holds. I hope so as I saw we got a letter from the city and the first thought I had was that it contained another complaint and probably a fine. Fortunately it was about something else and not even the bill for our sidewalk repair. We really need to do something about the ex-pond but I have no idea what exactly we should do. I keep suggesting to Jebra that he take the garden fork and puncture the liner so the water drains but he never does. Now I'm wondering if I should just have him pour a gallon of bleach into the water to see if that kills off the algae. I'm pretty sure that won't make the problem any worse.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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