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Project 52

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Friday, after work, two of our friends came over and helped us assault our backyard. This resulted in a pile of brush about as tall as I am and around eight feet across. We chopped up enough to fill two compost bags before it got too dark and meant to deal with the rest over the weekend. This did not happen as Saturday got away from us. An important part of was so full of dust it cooked itself to death and Jebra was busy trying to restore the data and get the processes working again. We went out for our daily hack and walked around Red Run Park, stopped by a local restaurant to have lunch, and suddenly it was going on 7 pm. After arriving back in the house we accidentally collided in our kitchen and I fell on my ass. I wasn't hurt but I was upset and felt even less like going outside to work on the brush pile. By the time I'd picked myself up off the floor and dusted myself off, at most I could have been outside for thirty minutes and I just wasn't willing.

Sunday started with the usual Stitch & Bitch. Just four of us but we got into such an interesting discussion we ran over by an hour. Afterwards, Jebra and I drove over to the park and did a single hack. We then returned home where Jebra weeded the island in the front yard while I took clippers to the brush pile. I'm not sure I made it to the half-way point but the pile is much smaller and we filled another two compost bags. When it started to get dark we went inside, Jebra took a shower and I got on my exercise bike and peddled for a couple of hours.

Monday was band practice for him. For me it was finishing up the second cat bed of the week and an hour and a half on my exercise bike.

Tuesday was social knitting with the Guild via Zoom. It was good that we didn't try to get together in person as it started to rain during our meeting. Afterwards it was time to climb back on my exercise bike and peddle for another hour and a half. I'd have gone longer but I do need to shower and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

In mom news, she's doing reasonably well. She tried to meet with the folks at Commission on Ageing in her town but they're closed for remodeling! Happily she discovered her Red Hat group is meeting tomorrow and thinks they may be able to give her some of the information she's seeking.

In Jebra's folks news, one of the trees in their backyard lost a big branch and punched several holes in the roof of their house. Jebra's brother couldn't find anyone to deal with immediately (and rain was in the forecast) but amazingly his cousin came to the rescue and got the limb off the roof and big tarp over the holes. So they should be okay until the repairs are made.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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