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Project 52

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For me, the biggest event of the week was visiting with my mother on Memorial Day. Seventeen months apart is too long. Mom looked great and was as happy as I was that we could see each other. She made a meal in her crockpot and revealed it was the first thing she'd cooked in four years. The dish turned out well and hopefully that will encourage her to make other things from the cookbook she used.

The other high points of the week were taking Friday off from work and going up to Prudenville to check on the house and look for a book [personal profile] jebra's father was sure was left behind when they packed for their Indiana residence. After much searching and several phone calls between the siblings, [personal profile] jebra's sister recalled a tote bag that was packed at the last minute. Another call their brother was placed and the book located in Indiana. But at least his dad now has his book and we know the house is fine and there is no sign mice got in while they were away.

[personal profile] jebra planned to drive down to see his folks on Saturday and stay until Sunday but he wasn't feeling well when he woke up and didn't go. In the late afternoon we went back to Mike & Mo's for Italian Beef sandwiches and Doug's Delight for that wonderful Detroit Grand Slam ice cream.

On Sunday, after I finished my Minneapolis crafting zoom, we went to a Dorsai Irregulars barbeque. I had a pretty good time and worked on the charity hat I'd started on the way to Prudenville. I worked on it more last night during the Black Sheep Zoom and am nearly done. I have issues with the pattern though as it is *enormous.* We talked about it on the zoom and I'm not the only one to knit the thing and think it is way to large. As in one of guild sisters tried on the one she knit and said it completely dropped over her face and head when she did. I think mine will do the same to me. I suppose I could ask our charity coordinator if she wants it as is or if I should frog the darn thing and reknit a smaller version.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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