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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

The big laugh of the week was opening the dryer door to remove the two cat beds I knew were in there and seeing this pea pod of dryer balls. I have dried countless cat beds and never before seen this happen. I was so delighted I had to call Jebra over and show him.

The worst surprises of the week were (1) driving over to our favorite T-Mobile store to have our tablets examined (mine keeps losing its mind and requiring a factory reset to start) and discovering the store was no longer there. Worse, while we were in the parking lot our van freaked out, binging and flashing warning lights just like it did a couple of weeks ago. This time the symptoms persisted after let it cool down for a half hour so we drove home with it acting up and were glad to have made it there without breaking down. It was fine in the morning (for limited definitions of fine) so Jebra drove it over to Master Auto to have it examined. We're currently riding around in a rental while the fuse box and power distribution something or other are being replaced.

Friday night after work we drove over to an alternate T-Mobile store where they told us they have no record of other people having our problem and had no fix or suggestions other than to call the tablet manufacturer. We did another factory reset on mine and so far it has been behaving itself. I am sure this will not last but until it permanently fails I'm just going to perform factory resets and hope for the best.

After T-Mobile and picking up Thai for dinner we came home and I joined the Cranky Women on Zoom. One of us just got back from a work trip and showed us photos of where she was working and pictures of the marine wildlife the crew were collecting and recording. I enjoyed looking at the photos but I was the only one who never responded with "Yum!" I was also glad smell-o-vision isn't a thing as I really hate the smell of fish, squid, scallops, crabs, and everything else that lives in the sea.

Saturday was extra busy. It started off with a Virtual Ingress First Saturday event. I picked St. Louis, Missouri because the start time was reasonable and because they didn't have very many players (in order for the event to count, there must be at least ten players and when I picked St. Louis there were only nine). I did not expect to score well as I had much less to recharge this month thanks to another Ingress thing during the week but as it turned out I scored first place by one metric and second by the other. My friend iHermit scored first on that one and I was happy with that. There were four of playing from SE Michigan all of us were in the top ten (there were a total of 22 active players when the event concluded).

After the IFS event Jebra and I ran billing then drove over to Southfield Civic Center to remove a bunch of green fields (and earn more points in Ingress). Then it was a stop at the pet store to buy Fiona more food and to Trader Joes to get some food for us. We were a late for the start of the SEMGS Zoom, but it was just getting started when we logged in. I enjoyed seeing everyone and worked on yet another cat bed.

Sunday was the Minneapolis Stitch and Bitch group on Zoom plus laundry day. Jebra was super tired and not only did he sleep in, he took a nap in the afternoon. In the early evening we took a quick trip out of the house to hack an Ingress portal. It was super nice outside but I wasn't in the mood to get dressed and go anywhere were I'd have to walk around or been by people. I didn't even put on my shoes, I went out barefoot and was surprised at how warm the concrete felt. I also discovered that years of wearing shoes has turned me into a tenderfoot. Walking on the bits of gravel on our driveway was uncomfortable. I remember being a kid and running around without shoes all summer and never having an issue.

Monday was a normal work day. So was Tuesday although after work Jebra took me straight home so I could join the Black Sheep for Social Knitting and so that he could leave to see two of our friends in Hell (, Michigan). My meeting was good and I was glad I was home when my stomach decided to act up half way through the meeting. For a bit there I was convinced I was going to hurl and I got really hot and sweaty. I told Jebra it felt like I had the 24-hour minute flu. It was very odd. I was fine after that and did my usual exercise-shower-watch tv-go to bed routine.

In Mom news, she's at my sister KC's place and apparently having fun. I haven't had any updates even though I've pestered my sister for selfies. I suppose I should check Facebook to see if they've put anything up there.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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