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Project 52

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Only one more full day before I get my second COVID shot and I'm paranoid that I will get sick beforehand. There is no reason to believe I have been exposed as I've been no where other than home and work and Saturday's walk at Starr Jaycee Park.

Sunday was Easter and extremely low key. I didn't even make a card for the occasion, although I did call my mother. My brother was with her when I called and they had gone for a ride in his new Jeep. Mom told me they'd gone to the other side of Ionia so that she could see where he works and said it was interesting as she hadn't been over there for at least two years. She was in a good mood and that was nice to hear.

In crafting news, I finished another Gratiot Hat and a cat bed. I also cast on a smaller version of the Gratiot Hat and worked on that during yesterday's zoom with the Black Sheep. The zoom was small, just five of us, but that was because 17 brave souls met at The Yarn Stop for a guild-only shopping and social knitting event. They were all masked and stayed six feet apart (I know, because we could see them on the zoom session). For whatever reason, I think yesterday's zoom was the best we've had this year. Maybe it was due to the weather; the temperature reached 79 degrees F yesterday which felt great although I do wonder what that portends for the summer. And whether it means a week of Spring-like weather is all we get this year.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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