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Project 52

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We had an uneventful drive to and from Defiance, Ohio on Saturday. While we were on the way down there, [personal profile] jebra received a notice from Meijer that he could make an appointment for a COVID vaccine. Amazingly, we were on an exit ramp at the time, so when we stopped he attempted to schedule his shot. We were in the middle of nowhere and cellphone coverage was spotty, so the first try failed. His second attempt was successful and two days later he was vaccinated. He was given the Moderna shot; I was given Pfizer's when I got mine last Thursday. Apparently I don't pay much attention as I was surprised to learn there are four weeks between shots for Moderna. I'm very much relieved that we been shot and will be even happier when we've each had both.

Before I forget to mention it again, we have been listening to Kiln People at the recommendation of [personal profile] silver_chipmunk. We are enjoying it and will be for a considerable length of time — the audible recording is 23 hours.

In the TMI realm, results of my pap smear came in and I'm fine. The results from last week's bone density scan are not yet back. I continue to fail at getting myself back into physical therapy. Not only have I not identified a therapy place that has both convenient hours and location, I have misplaced the doctor's prescription. I think I've had the script for four or five months. Much longer and I'll need a new one.

My mom's doing well and is excited about her upcoming trip to see my sister KC. She will have been given both COVID shots before her flight so I'm much more relaxed about her going anywhere and seeing people outside of her existing circle.

[personal profile] jebra's folks are also doing well. I don't know if they are planning to come up to Michigan once the weather gets warmer. I wouldn't mind if it were making a brief trip home (as in for a week or two) but I dislike the idea of them being many hours away from their kids if they have any sort of problem. I'm hoping that if they do come up [personal profile] jebra's brother will be able to accompany them. He can work remotely. So can [personal profile] jebra, but unfortunately I can't be left alone and I can't work from an alternate location. I have been having difficulty stepping out of the bathtub after my nightly shower and twice now have needed his help to pull myself out. I can't always lift my left leg high enough to clear the side of the tub. I've been daydreaming about ropes and pulley systems...

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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