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Project 52

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My nose is running and I have one heck of headache, so this may make even less sense than normal. We stopped at our Costco Pharmacy on the way into work yesterday to receive our second shingles vaccines. What with what we've learned about the COVID vaccine (which we are still waiting for) I decided it was best to skip my doses of pain-killer and anti-inflammatory medicines last night and this morning. I think that's why my head hurts and why I can't stop yawning. I was up most of last night noticing how pain was bouncing around inside my body. Which joint/body part hurt worst worst changed every few minutes. Right now it is still bouncing between the spot on my arm where I got the injection, my opposite wrist, the small of my back, and my left ankle. Well, and my head but that one is constant and my eyes are tearing too. The pain isn't that bad, probably not going above a 3 on a 10-point scale and generally hanging out around a 2, but I'm tired and the repeated twinges keep calling me for attention. I'm looking forward to having my normal dose of medicines before bed tonight.

We took last Friday as a vacation day because [personal profile] jebra was working online security for Fur Squared and needed to be home to do it. I was happy to stay home as I planned to attend RootsTech. I spent most of the day watching speaker presentations and product demonstrations and ended up massively frustrated. The chat feature would not work and what I saw on my computer was not what the demo said I should see. As in I think a whole lot of stuff just wasn't visible to me.

Ironically, although we had Friday off from work we had to get up even earlier than usual because the furnace technician was coming to give the furnace its annual inspection. In the evening I popped in on the Cranky Women for an hour, then jumped off to attend a Zoom Birthday Party. It was the first one I've ever attended and I had a lot of fun meeting the birthday girl's friends from other social circles.

Saturday was back to RootsTech, interrupted by a number of panels at Fur Squared. Man do I ever miss my furry friends. I finished the day with the usual routine of time on my exercise bike, taking a shower, and getting ready for bed.

Sunday morning I zoomed with the Stitch & Bitch folks, finished knitting a hat, and then alternated watching that week's (repeated) episode of Midsomer Murders and watching the main stage at Fur Squared.

Monday was March 1st and back to work. Tuesday we got our shingles vaccines followed by work and social knitting with the Black Sheep.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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