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Project 52

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The work week was its average self but I was in a lousy mood come Friday night. Someone had fielded up Southfield Civic Center and 76 green fields was too tempting of a prospect for [personal profile] jebra to ignore. So we drove over there and eliminated them, then started the drive home so that I could join the Cranky Women on Zoom. We stopped at Burger King because that was the only thing that sounded good to me. Well, that isn't exactly right. What I wanted was a restaurant with a huge buffet full of lots of different things I would enjoy eating, but due to the stupid pandemic that isn't an option. At least that lovely combination of beef, tomato, mayo, and whatever else goes into a whopper was just what my tongue wanted.

On Saturday we drove to the park that is more-or-less across the street from work and bumped the portals. To get them up to level 8 we had to Jarvis and Ada them, which takes time as there has to be an hour between deploying either one on a portal. During the first hour we went to the grocery store and bought stuff for Sunday's dinner as well as something to have for lunch. That took an hour so we went directly back to the park and flipped it to the other color (that's what Adas and Jarvises do, they change the ownership of the portal from one team to the other). We then retreated to work where we had our lunch and I watched a few videos of things I've been wanting to see. One on the use of arsenic during the late 1800s and 1900s and another on mules during the Middle Ages. These were more interesting than they might sound. When we finished flipping and upgrading the portals, we went home where [personal profile] jebra made baked beans for dinner. It, and the sourdough bread we'd bought at the grocery store made an awesome combination.

The goal for Sunday was Stitch-and-Bitch for me, watching Saturday's Midsommer Murders, doing laundry, and to have [personal profile] jebra make Beef Stew. That's what he was doing when he realized we no longer had running water. He got dressed and went outside to look around, discovering the neighbor from two door down was also outside because their house also had no water. Farther down the street were two crews from the water department breaking up the road and scooping out dirt. I assume something broke underground. Three or so hours later we had running water again, which was a relief as no water was interfering with my plans to do laundry and to exercise it the evening. I almost always end up a sweaty mess after biking and the idea of going to bed like that, let alone to work the next morning, just felt gross.

Monday was billing and otherwise forgettable. Yesterday was a normal work day plus Social Knitting Night at the Guild. It was fun and my Zick-Zack scarf came out of hibernation for a couple of hours.

In mom news, she's doing good other than being bored out of her mind. My brothers won't let her drive so she can't even go to the grocery store to wander around and read labels. Everyone else in the family seems to be okay and at the usual level of chaos. My brother Eriks' wife thought she could support the family on just her wages. She was wrong and they were on the verge of losing their house. This would be FOURTH house they lost which is just nuts. Eriks and Travis have decided that working for themselves wasn't as lucrative as working for other people so they have picked up jobs working for other people. Hopefully this means they will be able to keep the house. No word on Travis or any of his children and baby mammas. As for my sister KC, she's well but her son's girlfriend is still in a medically-induced coma. (To which I said "WHAT?") Mom isn't sure of the details, apparently she contracted some unspecified virus which then played hell with her diabetes and that's what was behind her doctors deciding a coma was in her best hope of recovering. Seeing as I don't even know her name, I just found it interesting, like I would any random story about people I don't know.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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