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My (adoptive family) maternal grandmother was a superstitious woman and believed that the way you start off a New Year would continue for the remainder of that year. If she was right, I'm in for a great 2021. (Universe, please do not make a liar out of my grandmother.)

2020 ended with two vacation days, both of which I enjoyed very much. Thursday we had to get up and go get my allergy shot, but that was fine and we played Ingress before returning home where I have no idea what we did during the daylight hours. I ended 2020 on a phone call with my mother. She is doing okay, eager as ever for the pandemic to end as well her isolation. Mom is quite social and this has been very hard on her.

New Year's Day we slept in and then, thinking of my grandmother, I set to doing the things I want to do during 2021 — Knit, watch things on my youtube playlist, play Ingress, and stay warm, and seeing friends on Zoom. [personal profile] jebra made pancakes for breakfast (a lucky start to the year) and they were good too.

I woke up with a start around 2 am with the sudden realization I had forgotten to run billing at work. I believe this was the first time in the past twenty years it had slipped my mind so completely. I got up with the thought of running it right then but the font on my home computer was so tiny I couldn't read the screen. I gave up and went back to bed.

In the morning I got up and got dressed, went out to the living room. put on my computer glasses, and started running billing from my laptop. It went without a hitch which was great. We left the house later than we'd originally intended as we were running up to Prudenville to fetch more things from [personal profile] jebra's parents' house. We stuck to major roads and highways (atypical for us) and got there in record time. He got what he'd gone to retrieve and came back to the car within five or ten minutes. We drove through Mt. Pleasant on the way home, stopping at Taco Boy for bean & cheese burritos. We ate in the car then continued toward home, arriving in plenty of time for our Virtual First Saturday Ingress event. Being virtual we played in San Francisco and I once again scored within the top ten. I believe mbumby and jebra did as well. Following Ingress the three of us joined the SEMGS zoom call where I stayed until I just couldn't stay awake any longer. I was so exhausted I went straight to bed, skipping my usual exercise and shower. Amazingly (considering I sat all day long), my blood sugar was right around 100 when I tested it.

Sunday was Zooming with Stitch and Bitch folks from Minneapolis, laundry, knitting, remote drone hacking in Ingress, and getting a few things off the DVR. One of those things was an old episode of Midsommer Murders but one I had never seen before. I knew I hadn't seen all of the John Nettles episodes but this one appeared to be late in the run and I thought I had seen all of the episodes leading up to his leaving of the series.

Monday was back to work followed by staying late so that [personal profile] jebra could finish up something we was working on. When we got home I ate dinner and did my usual nighttime routine including exercise and shower.

Yesterday was work followed by rushing home to catch the Knitting Guild on Zoom. It was fun and for a change I was knitting not crocheting during the meeting. I'm making good progress on my Rainbow Warrior Cowl and hope to have it finished in time for the actual Guild Meeting next week. (This week was merely Social Knitting.)

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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