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Project 52

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Today is my last day of work for 2020 and marks another year without taking a sick day. I think this the fifth year in a row. I know I didn't take any last year but I also know I never tallied my year-end stats for 2019 so I lost track of what number this one is.

My mom was doing well when I called her on Christmas day and so was my sister KC. Mom had visitors for Christmas, my brother Brad who cooked her dinner, and my brother Rob and his wife. My brother and sister from the family I grew up in are also doing okay. I was mostly worried about my brother as his dog passed a way shortly before the holiday.

Our plan for Christmas was our traditional one of a Jewish Christmas -- Chinese food and a movie. The plan did not work as well as we wished. Due to COVID, it seemed like everyone in Royal Oak was calling in their carry-out order and it took damn near two hours of busy signals before I could get through and place our order. Then they didn't have [personal profile] jebra's first choice and I ordered something new (General Tofu) and was highly disappointed. It was tasty enough but I was counting on vegetables and the dish was 100% tofu and sauce. By the time we ate I was so stressed out from ordering and worrying that I'd never get through that I didn't want to start watching a movie.

We watched Knives Out (Thank you maddie24!) the next day and it was very fun. Knives Out was what we tried to go see on Christmas Day 2019 and was sold out, and that twice when we went to Plymouth to catch learned it was postponed then canceled entirely thanks to COVID.

Thank yous are also owed to [personal profile] jennlk, [profile] mbumby, [personal profile] one_raido, and [personal profile] mypetconcubine for the holiday cards. If I missed naming someone, let me know. The post office here is struggling to keep up with deliveries and, as you all should know by now, my memory sucks.

[personal profile] jebra's folks seem to be settling in fine at their new winter home. The day after Christmas my brother- and sister-law drove down to Zephyrhills, FL to retrieve the folks' personal papers and the like from the mobile home in preparation of putting it up for sale. Other than a lost cellphone, I haven't heard of any problems during the trip. I'm not exactly sure where they are at the moment, perhaps still in Florida, perhaps already on their way back.

I had two days off at Christmas, during which I discovered the joys of #AbsoluteHistory on Youtube. I'm sure the vintage clothing videos I've been watching are what lead to the discovery of How To Restore A Victorian Farmer's Cottage | Victorian Farm EP1 and I think I may have become so addicted I may have to pay for a subscription to Acorn TV. I may need to do the same for the Discovery+ plus service since Lt. Joe Kenda will have his new show (American Detective) there.

Lastly, if you haven't seen the Satan+2020 commercial, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I love it so much I won't fast-forward when it comes on. Click here for the youtube video.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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