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Project 52

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The year is rapidly coming to an end and I won't be sorry to see it go. This week was a real mish-mash of things. On Saturday [personal profile] jebra made a day trip to Prudenville to fetch more things from his parents' home. On Monday, after work, I rode with him to Grand Ledge where he handed off the stuff going to his parents' apartment to his sister. As I'd been to the hospital for an x-ray that morning I didn't want to risk exposing her to whatever was in the air there and stayed in our van and merely shouted hello.

Getting the x-ray felt safe even though I heard "Covid testing" a number of times while I was waiting for mine to take place. The hospital checked my temperature and asked the usual questions, then had us socially distanced in the waiting rooms. The x-ray itself was not a big deal but they were having computer problems and I had to hold an uncomfortable pose longer than I would have liked. The second, final, pose put no strain on my hip and didn't hurt at all. The weird thing was that when I got off that cold steel table my left hip and leg no longer hurt at all.

The next day I had results in my online chart at the hospital. I was hoping to see the images they created but it was all words. Apparently I have moderate osteoarthritic change of the left hip and "focal soft tissue calcification adjacent to the initial tuberosity, consistent with calcific tendinitis," whatever that means. I will be talking to my doctor on the 28th, so I suppose I will know more then. Meanwhile I have noticed a discrepancy between what he told me and what I brought home from the pharmacy. He said I was being given a 10-day supply of an anti-inflammatory but what the pharmacist delivered was a 30-day supply. I hope I can remember to ask him about that as I have been a heck of a lot more comfortable since starting to take it.

Which reminds me, I think the post office is still being slow as the mail-order medicines my doctor ordered for me when I saw him early last week still haven't arrived.

[personal profile] jebra's parents seem to be adjusting well to their new winter home.

My mom is doing well and reports that some of her wacky friends (her words) are avoiding being immunized because they are convinced trackers are attached to the vaccine. I am very happy to know she doesn't believe that herself.

Last night's Knitting Guild zoom session was cancelled because the person running it thought no one would attend. I was looking forward to the meeting and actually had my Rainbow Warrior cowl at hand. Since there was no meeting it stayed in my project bag and I returned to the current cat bed. This is one I started on Saturday while [personal profile] jebra was on the road and it did not go well. No matter what I tried it got more and more wavy. This annoyed me to the point that I pulled 90% of the project apart and had to start over. I then made the mistake of winding all seven strands of yarn into one big ball and trying to work from that. The bed is now reasonably flat but I get the joy of untangling yarn every dozen stitches or so. It probably didn't help that dinner was a glass of Evan Williams' Original Southern Egg Nog followed by a few handfuls of dry cereal. With a bit of luck I will be able to finish working on the bed tonight. I am debating having the egg nog for dinner again. It sure was tasty and my blood sugar was amazingly low (94) when I checked it this morning.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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