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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

As the scrapbook page says, this was a very zoomy week. Friday was zoom with a bunch of female friends, Saturday was an Ingress Virtual First Saturday (in Cambridge, UK this time). Lots of voices one of which drove me mad as his voice sounded *exactly* like one of my RL friends and I'd have to look up to see who was speaking. After logging out of the Internet zoom I immediately logged into the SEMGS zoom, joining three friends who had also been on the Ingress zoom. On Sunday I joined one of my DW/LJ friends on a crafting zoom and hung out there for a few hours. Afterwards [personal profile] jebra and I drove over to Southfield to walk the Civic Center and bring down green portals.

Monday afternoon our new washer arrived and I like it although it holds less than our old one and I have a very strong suspicion that the hoses for the hot and cold taps were reversed. [personal profile] jebra offered to fix it last night but I was in a hurry and didn't want to take the time away from getting another load started. Other than washing bedding I'm all caught up so he can try swapping the connections at his leisure.

Last night the Black Sheep Knitting Guild held its last formal meeting of the year. It was fun seeing everyone particularly those who read the invite and were decked out in their holiday jammies or party wear and consuming holiday fare. I wore the gold sleigh-bell my mother-in-law gave me a long time ago. It's a single bell on a red satin cord so not all that thrilling but I like it. A lot of the sheepies were drinking wine or Bailey's or drinks with Bailey's mixed in. I had my usual bottle of carbonated water from Trader Joe's but I also had chocolate with hazlenuts so I felt I was being plenty decadent.

Before the meeting, as we left work for home, I called my mom and spoke with her for a few minutes. So far she's staying well which is, of course, what I want to hear. Thanksgiving with her grand-daughter and great-grand-daughters was only a week ago so she may not be out of woods yet but so far, so good.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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