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Project 52

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My yarn from the Twisted Fiber Art Zoom session with the Black Sheep Knitting Guild arrived this week and it is lovely stuff but it is not what is in today's scrapbook page. That yarn is from Eat, Sleep, Knit which I ordered a few days later as I fell in love with the Rainbow Warrior Cowl and want to knit one for myself (and none of the yarn from Twisted was right for the task. I don't know when I'll start on the cowl, I have another cowl I "need" to make as the swatching for it is finally done and it has been hanging out in the bottom of my knitting bag all summer. Geez, maybe longer as I was still swatching when indoor meetings at the church were called to a halt.

In other news, Mom is well and is planning to have her granddaughter and her two children, plus my brother Brad over for Thanksgiving tomorrow. All I can do is hope none of them bring COVID along as an uninvited guest. She was in a good mood when we talked, hardly repeated herself, and told it was snowing on her side of the state. We had a bit of snow on Sunday but nothing that stuck around.

Plans to move [personal profile] jebra's parents down to Indiana are progressing at an accelerated rate. One of my sisters-in-law and our nephews have been helping getting their apartment ready for them, a moving truck has been reserved, and [personal profile] jebra will be heading to Prudenville on Friday to being moving furniture from the house down to Indiana. I will be staying home as I am more likely to be in the way than an asset. I'm night blind so I'd be unable do to much driving and my body has apparently decided I needed to repeat the experience of having sciatica. This time isn't as horribly painful as it was last time but I'm sure sitting in a truck for hours upon hours would not be good for it.

As if having sciatica return on Sunday wasn't enough, the washing machine broke that evening. Which I discovered when I thought the wash cycle had completed and began transferring things to the dryer. Only to notice upon the second item that water was stream from it onto the floor. We tried to get the machine to turn on again but it wouldn't and none of the tricks we gleaned from the internet worked. We had a visit from a repair man Tuesday morning and learned that the control panel has gone bad and that replacement panels are no longer being manufactured. Sunday evening we took the wet stuff to the laundromat to rewash (we have no idea where in the wash cycle the machine failed) and stuff into a dryer. So we have clean clothes for a week but we need to figure out what to do about replacing the broken washer. Complicating this issue is problems with the supply chain due to COVID. Our first pick for a replacement machine is out of stock and on back order until late December. And I've been reading reviews and ask the repair guy for his opinion on who makes a good machine. Speed Queen was his first choice (and is, coincidentally, what the laundromat has) but since then I've been reading reviews and saw many posts from unhappy purchasers. I know Speed Queen had trouble in 2018 as they "upgraded" their offerings and the "economy" setting on their machines just wasn't getting dirty clothes clean. Less time spent on the washing part of the cycle was not a win for most customers, who could have guessed?

On a much happier topic, a bunch of folks from the guild got together last night for social knitting and it was very fun. Our president had the idea to ask each of us, in turn, what Thanksgiving dish was our favorite, what we'd be having, and what we were each most thankful for this year. It was really interesting because folks were sharing their family's traditions along with the occasional recipe and hearing what each person is thankful for was fascinating.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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