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Project 52

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We've been having a most enjoyable spell of unseasonably warm weather. We took advantage of it by going to the Southfield Civic Center to walk and play Ingress several times. This also boosted our Ingress scores as the area was covered with overlaying green fields we earned many, many points for destroying.

Friday night I joined a bunch of women friends on Zoom before exercising. Saturday was a First Saturday and thus both an Ingress event and SEMGS. Being virtual, we could join whatever location we wanted and this time we joined Ingress Scotland and played with the folks in Kirkwall. I amazed myself by coming in Second in terms of AP Gained and Third in XM recharged, but the very best part was listening to all those lovely accents on Zoom. After the Ingress event ended it was close that zoom and fire up the one for SEMGS and get out my crochet. I very much enjoyed seeing everyone as well as my dinner as I'd sent [personal profile] jebra out for food from one of our local restaurants. Saturday was also our wedding anniversary and I wanted something special to mark the occasion. Not too special though as what sounded good was salad and Chicken Parmesan from Charlie's Restaurant which is one of my usual orders from their menu.

Sunday was the usual mixture of crochet, laundry and general cleaning. It was also hair shaving day as we have discovered that if [personal profile] jebra shaves my head every other week, the mess is much easier to deal with. My hair may be very short but there is an awful lot of it.

Monday was work then a quick trip to Southfield to destroy more fields at the Civic Center. I think we stopped at the store for cat food on the way home but maybe that was Friday night. I know I did a tiny bit of crochet when we got home and then biked for an hour.

Last night the Black Sheep Knitting Guild met on Zoom and had Casapinka as our guest speaker and she was a hoot. I finished Sunday's cat bed just as the meeting ended, so I got on my exercise bike and watched Dr. Phil while I peddled.

Today I'm back at work and brought in eleven cat beds to photograph. For those keeping score, that brings the total number of cat beds to 744. I still have three crates of Anthrocon t-shirts to cut up and transform into cat beds so I will be at this a good while longer.

In mom news, she keeps being out when I try to call. I did speak to her over the weekend and she was in a good mood when we talked. The last time I saw her in person was on December 28, 2019 thanks to COVID-19. Stupid Covid. *mimes kicking a rock*

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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