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Project 52

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I am still worn out from our trip to Cheybogan, although less so than I was when we returned home. As a result, I have not done much since getting back. It has been the usual combination of work at work, and crochet and exercise at home. I did some knitting too, finally wrapping up the chemo cap I started back on July 4th. I also started another Beach Hat, this time with a big ball of cotton yarn that appeared when I was looking for something else. Last night was the Guild meeting where I turned in eight hats and couldn't resist picking up yarn for another two charity hats. I also came home with a big bag of cotton yarn (which I haven't examined yet), plus a much smaller bag of someone's hand-spun. I glanced into that one last night but did not get a good enough look to describe it. The cotton yarn will probably go into making cat beds but until I take a good look I can't say for sure. Speaking of cat beds, I impressed myself by finishing one on Saturday and another on Sunday. They went a little quicker than normal, probably because I was using a ball of t-shirt yarn as the core, rather than the smaller strips I get when cutting up the top half of a t-shirt.

In mom news, she was doing well when I talked to her the other day although she had some sad news to share. My niece's husband died unexpectedly. As I have never met the man this did not hit me hard (nor at all) although I feel badly for my niece. This is the second husband she's lost in the last ten years. The first to a drug overdose, this one to a probable heart attack. He had gone to work as usual that day but did not return home at his usual time. When his route was checked, they found him dead in his car with the motor still running.

Monday was a doctor's appointment for me as well as a new prescription, this one being for blood pressure medicine. Other than that I was congratulated for losing three pounds and told to return in three months.

Yesterday, before work, we dropped Fiona off at the vet's for a dental cleaning. It was not the simple procedure we expected as she seems to have the auto-immune disorder than destroys a cat's teeth. She had to have nine (nine!) of them extracted. She's also supposed to be antibiotics for the next ten days. I'm worried about that as she's so good at hiding we couldn't capture her for her first dose before we left for work today. I will try again when we get home tonight. I'm thinking that if she behaves normally, she will come out to see us when we get home and she will visit with me in the middle of the night when I make my usual journey to the bathroom.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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