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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

In Mom news, she's worried that she's sleeping far too much. As in gets up for breakfast and then falls asleep on the couch for five hours. She is calling her doctor to see if she is being over- or under-prescribed something and was considering not telling my sister-in-law Diana (who organizes her meds for her). I advised against that because even though it is a straight shot from her house to the doctor's office, Diana still needs to know what the doctor thinks. Mom expressed some degree of worry that they are sick of taking care of her and might want her to not wake up. I know they get frustrated with her as she doesn't take COVID-19 as seriously as we think she should but I don't think any of us want her dead.

I spent some time texting with my sister KC over the weekend. She's doing well but tells me she forgot how painful recovering from surgery is for her. Now that her cancer is in remission her doctors reconfigured her insides to match the original specs. Other than pain, she is recovering well and goes back to work soon.

In Knitting Guild news, zoom was darn near a dud last night. I am, apparently, the only one who loves zoom meetings more than in-person ones. I came in a half hour late as it took us that long to get home and have dinner. I was the only one for about 20 minutes, then Pat appeared and said she'd been on a half hour earlier and she was the only one there. We talked for a while, then Linda F came on, told us she and another member came on right at 6:00 and left when it became apparent they were going to be there by themselves. And she came on just to say hi and to say she joined the wrong meeting by mistake and had to go off to the other one. Pat and I talked to each other for nearly two hours, which is certainly the longest conversation I've ever had with a guild member. I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned that Pat used to train and show dogs. And that she married late in life and would not have married him if he could not accept her always having dogs in her home and life. He wasn't a dog person when they started dating but happily he is one now.

Saturday, being the first Saturday of the month, was both an Ingress First Saturday event plus a SEMGS meeting. SEMGS was great and we got to see Bob & Connie, who are still living in Connie's basement. I think they are there for good as it working out that well plus they love the location.
I need to ask them for their address as I don't actually know where, exactly, they are.

Before SEMGS was the Virtual First Saturday. I spent the entire two hours recharging portals and ran out of time before I ran out of portals to recharge. All three of us ([personal profile] jebra and [profile] mbumby and myself) did quite well. I came in at #5 for recharges, they came in a #13 and #14; in terms of AP gain, I came in 10th and they came in at 12th and 13th).

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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