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Project 52

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For me, the week was entirely unremarkable. Work at work, housework and crochet at home. Although I did attend a funeral service via Zoom for the first time. Our good friend Gini's mother-in-law passed away; [personal profile] jebra attended in person and said he himself was the only person he recognized at the service. Not even Gini managed to attend as she and Jeff weren't certain her car could make the trip. When I commented to [personal profile] jebra that for once I didn't hate the selection of hymns, he replied that the service was the least Catholic Catholic service he had ever attended. I probably would have enjoyed the speakers much more had I been able to make out more than three of every five words. Still, I felt I owed to Helen and Gini to be there.

The other bright spot in my week was last night's outdoor Guild meeting. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the other attendees. Not as many people attended as two weeks ago, but decreased attendance is common during the summer and I know some members are continuing their habit of traveling north for at least part of the summer.

For [personal profile] jebra I'm sure the highlight of his week was going up to his folks place on Saturday where he got to see not only his folks but his brother and sister too. The five of them recreated their family portrait as you can see on my scrapbook page. Besides take photos while up there, they also started on the enormous task of emptying the garage. The inside of the house is clean and tidy and very much like being in a museum, with interesting things to look at on every wall and table top. The garage, however, looks more like something out of Hoarders. I don't know how long they worked on clearing it, but [personal profile] jebra came home with the van stuffed to gills with things to be recycled, placed in work's dumpster, or saved. We had our recycling bin emptied on Thursday; as soon as he got home Sunday afternoon I helped remove empty boxes from the back of the van and cut up. Our recycling bin is darn near full again and I haven't finished cutting up all of the boxes yet. They're in the garage waiting for the recycling bin to be emptied again. The folks' garage is still full, by the way. [personal profile] jebra estimates they were able to clear about 5%. Clearing out the garage is going to take a lot of effort but it needs to be done. All of the kids want the folks to sell the house and move somewhere where they will be closer to at least one of their kids and hopefully closer to good hospitals.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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