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Project 52

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We attended another socially distanced BBQ over the weekend, this time at one of [personal profile] jebra's bandmate's house. Just six of us, spread across three tables in his backyard. His wife was also there, and his two daughters sort of were, only they stayed inside the house. He and his wife are both teachers (as was Fern before she retired and apparently at one time Mike used to substitute teach), so the talk naturally turned to what area bands are doing and how (and if) the schools should reopen in the fall. I have no opinion about what should happen but I am skeptical that schools can reopen safely or that the level of learning that takes place will be equivalent of what occurs during a normal school year.

After work on Monday we took the van in for an oil change. It finally needed one after the limited amount of driving we have put on it this year.

We left work early on Tuesday so that I could see my neurologist. True to form, the tests I've undergone thus far are inconclusive. In four weeks I return for another MRI, this time of my neck. Besides trouble with my legs and with balance, both hands keep going all tingly. Many many times each day and with no apparent cause.

We went straight home after the doctor's appointment, so I was back at the house a 4:30. I watched the first hour and a half of the new episode of Hoarders and boy do I never not like the wife in that episode. I had hoped the family had turned a corner by the time house was cleaned up but a saw in the closing credits that the husband died not long afterward and that his son lost the house to foreclosure.

I had to stop watching at the 1.5 hour mark because I wanted to join my fellow Black Sheep on Zoom. I think there were only four or five us this time, which I found disappointing but I had a great time watching and listening anyway. There are so many wise and wonderful women in my guild, I love to sit with my crochet and listen. The only time I knit in this time of COVID-19 is when I'm away from the house as my knitting projects travel a heck of a lot easier. And I think I still have around 200 t-shirts left to transform into cat beds.

In mom news, her memory is worse than ever. I forgot what she told me (clearly I am in no position to criticize) but I noticed that she'd repeated one long story twice, about ten minutes after the first time through. And my brother and his wife came up from Tennessee for a wedding and stayed with her over the weekend. I can only hope they didn't expose her to anything infectious. I have a hunch they are not treating COVID as seriously as they ought.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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