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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

Remember how I had to post last week's Project 52 page late because we lost power at our house? Detroit Edison's repair crews were parked blocking our driveway when we got home from work but that was because they were repairing lines on the other side of the street and assured us we were fine. We mostly were, although the power blinked on and off twice that evening. I can't remember if we lost power Friday night but I know we lost it around 7 am the next morning because I woke up when my CPAP machine stopped blowing air.

The plan had been to buy groceries for [personal profile] jebra's folks on the way home from work on Friday night but we arrived at the Middle-Eastern grocery four minutes after they closed up shop for the night. (We didn't know they were keeping shorter hours because of COVID-19.) [personal profile] jebra decided he could buy groceries on the way up to his folks since the store would reopen at 10 am. That would have worked had the power at our house stayed on, but it was out and the outage area was small enough we knew our house would not be a priority. The original estimate was 11:30 am; the second was 11:30 pm. It was already getting hot, so we decided to head to work where it would at least be cooler. He did computer stuff while I messed about on youtube. Happily power was restored to our house around 1 pm. [personal profile] jebra ran me home, called his folks to ask if they wanted him to buy them groceries or just head straight up to see them. They voted for skipping the groceries this trip (we have to head up in two weeks for a funeral/memorial service).

So he drove up to Prudenville while I stayed home and crocheted a cat bed. On Sunday I made a second one while he drove home, taking the long route to play Ingress along the way. At some point while he was at his folks he did a couple of repairs for them, the most important being getting their automatic garage door opener to function.

Monday was a normal work day followed by untangling a huge snarl of yarn. I'm not done with the untangling as it is a real mess. I think I have about three hours into the job so far but other than I'd rather be crocheting I don't mind. It gave my shoulders and wrists a bit of a rest plus I think I enjoy the process and/or the challenge of untangling.

Last night was the first in-person Knitting Guild Summer Camp session I've attended. The very first one was two weeks ago but I skipped it because when we drove through no one was there early plus I was hot and tired and hungry. Last night's meeting was fun as we had Show-and-Share plus I spent some time talking to our newest member who found out about the meeting just the day before.

This morning on the way to work we drove by Doggie Doggie's house and discovered their SUV is no longer parked on the street. We had a guess it was going to leave soon as its tarp was gone when we drove by last night. This morning I also looked between Doggie Doggie's house and the one next door and saw where an enormous branch broke off from the tree in their backyard. And noticed for the first time that it also did damage to the neighbor's house. Not as much damage as that to Doggie Doggie's house but I hope someone checks for structural damage. I am hoping it is mostly cosmetic, but I can see a dent where the branch hit the lowest point of their roof.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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