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Project 52

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We lost power last night while I was doing my knitting guild zoom session. I wasn't worried because we rarely lose power and when we do it is usually restored within a few hours. Not this time. I stayed with the meeting until it was over (usually I cut out early to exercise), but with no lights and no tv I wasn't going bike. I took a quick shower to cool off and put on my night-time clothes and returned to the couch. jebra went to bed around that time, but since I sleep with a CPAP machine and I know how often I stop breathing (and how hard that is on my heart), so I was afraid to lay down and fall asleep. I read twitter and then Losers fic on AO3 until the sun was starting to come up and then finally dozed off for an hour or two. I woke up at 7:00, changed into my work clothes, and then woke up jebra. Once he was dressed, we headed into work. Most days we follow a particular route, one that passes by six or seven Ingress portals and a side street where I've noticed a number of cats and dogs. One of the houses has what I think is a golden-doodle that likes to look out their front window. We call this dog "Doggie Doggie" and seeing him or her makes me happy. Today we noticed all manner of tree limbs and leaves piled up along the curb and littering the street. Not our block though, the destruction began a few blocks west. We got to Doggie Doggie's house and were horrified to discover a tree had fallen during last night's storm and crushed part of their roof. There was a tarp over the damage and branches blocking the front porch. There wasn't any sign of the inhabitants, we hope they are okay.

The power came back on a couple of hours ago and jebra went home to restart the computers. Hopefully the house will be cool when we get home as it was very hot last night and I can't open the windows thanks to my allergies. I was barely breathing as it was (and doesn't bode well if I ever do come down with COVID-19).

The only other thing of interest this past week was that we went to a barbecue on the 4th. It was a small gathering of select Dorsai Irregulars, maybe a dozen people all told, and held in the host's backyard. We stayed more or less six feet apart and most wore masks at least until we ate. This was the first in-person social thing I've done in, um, three months? It wore us out and we stayed home on Sunday and rested.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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