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Project 52 - Hand-cross-posted

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Last night was the Guild meeting. Very few of us came online to participate, I didn't do a nose count but I'd be surprised if there were more than ten. Nevertheless I had so much fun I didn't stop early enough to be able to bike for my traditional two hours. The Guild has something like 80 members and the vast majority are white but going from what I heard last night, all of them share my political beliefs. We spent a lot of time talking about the protests and the need for police body cameras. Nobody brought up the problem of police unions that make getting rid of bad actors damn near impossible. We also talked about white privilege; the white son of one member wore the Black Lives Matter hat she knit for him while he was working at the deli counter and got compliments from management while two other employees (one black, one Hispanic) were told not to display political messages ("I can't breathe" for one, and a BLM pin for the other) or they could be fired. This resulted in a facebook post suggesting a boycott, the store being damn near deserted the next day, and management having a change of heart. They changed the policy, made a donation to a relevant charity, and bought a ton of BLM pins for their employees and gave them permission to wear them with their uniforms.

Sometime over the weekend I called my mom. Her mood was great as she'd actually been allowed to go out for ice cream with one of her friends and spend time with her (socially distanced other than while in the car). She's struggling for words harder than ever but she mostly got there in the end. I wonder when I'll get to see her as I expect to see a second wave of active COVID-19 cases within the next two weeks and I sure don't want to be the source of an infection.

Saturday was SEMGS and Ingress, although in reverse order. It was another Virtual First Saturday and this time mbumby kicked my ass when it came to scoring. I have no idea how she did it as I spent nearly three hours doing nothing other than recharging portals. I was #13, out-scoring jebra who came in at #20.

After the event we joined our friends from SEMGS on Zoom. Which was also fun and I didn't mind taking the day off from working in the yard.

On Sunday we went for a walk (and to play Ingress) at the Madison Heights Civic Center. Lots of folks were out and were generally socially distancing although jebra and I were among the few wearing masks. After that we came home and jebra started making more rice and steamed broccoli to add to the order of Orange Beef we were ordering from our favorite Chinese restaurant. It's a great compromise as two orders is way too much but one order isn't enough and this way we both get a good sized serving of a green vegetable.

The yard is slowly starting to look better. We still haven't completely cleared the path to the compost bins but we are getting closer. I am eager to look in them as I want to see how much finished compost I have as the rhubarb needs feeding and I have a half dozen 5 gallon buckets full of stuff waiting to be poured into the compost bins. Not to mention the ten coffee cans of used coffee grounds I have liked up on our front porch...

ETA: I forgot to credit the artist who painted the tree. Henk-Jan Bakker Colors the World.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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