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Project 52

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Last summer, our air conditioner struggled to keep the house cool. I can't remember when we purchased it but I'm pretty sure it was at least 18 years ago. The coolant it used is one that is being phased out and expensive, and the compressor itself was noisy and energy inefficient. So rather than spend a small fortune on recharging the unit and risk having the repair fail, we opted to replace the unit with a new energy-efficient model. The install began at 7 am on Friday and wrapped up in that afternoon. Fiona hid the entire time while I camped out on my corner of the couch and watched I don't know what and crocheted a cat bed.

On Saturday we went out to get an oil change and to relieve [personal profile] jebra's craving for a cheeseburger. Neither of these went exactly according to plan. What with COVID-19, [personal profile] jebra is doing significantly less driving and for the first time ever we were at the "change your oil by this date" point before reaching however many miles. The guy at the oil change place looked at the sticker, realized we had another 2,000 miles to go and informed us that for synthetic oils, the "by this date" thing is irrelevant and we should return after we've put another 2,000 miles on the odometer. We thanked him profusely and drove to Berkley and our favorite Coney Island. Where we sat in the parking lot and watched people, including employees, walking through the door without masks. Neither of us were comfortable with this and decided to cross Berkley Coney Island off our list until the pandemic is over. There's an A&W Drive-In on the very next block and that's where we ended up. It was our first time at this A&W and I now know why they are popular. My cheeseburger was pretty darn good, the french fries were excellent, and my root beer was outstanding.

I spent Saturday evening catching up on more of my shows and making another cat bed while Jebra did computer stuff and then went for a walk.

On Sunday we chopped down two Mulberry trees that popped up next to the arborvitae and had already grown tall. After cutting them into small pieces, they completely filled a lawn waste bag. I could have worked for another hour but [personal profile] jebra was worried that he'd burn himself out like what happened last time we tackled the Mulberries and it would be another three years before he'd once again attempt ridding the yard of weed trees. So we went inside and goofed around with computers and crochet before dinner. After dinner he went for another walked and I worked on my third cat bed of the weekend.

Memorial Day we're usually up early, heading to Franklin Village to take part of their annual remembrance ceremony. The ceremony did not take place this year, or at least a public one with the village band. This also meant I missed seeing friends there and that was the bigger bummer in my book.

We filled another compost bag in the afternoon, then went inside to cool down. I was glad for the A/C Sunday and Monday as both were unseasonably warm, being in the high 80s. In the evening I finished my fourth cat bed of the long weekend, plus got all of the essentials washed.

Tuesday morning before work I got the last load of laundry out of the dryer and packed up cat beds to bring to work (to photograph for Ravelry). After work we hustled home so that I could join my guild sisters on Zoom for social knitting.

Now that I've typed all of this out, I'm exhausted. Weird how thinking about everything had made me more tired than I was while doing it.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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