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Project 52

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There isn't much for me to talk about. Week 16 was boring. I worked, I made cat beds, I peddled my exercise bike, I slept. I think the highlight was attending virtual social knitting with my guild sisters. Zoom again, and not as many folks as at the virtual meeting, but fun anyway. And I'm really enjoying peeking into the homes/work spaces of my sisters. Being a hoarder I don't let them see much of mine, just my corner of the couch with the window curtain behind me. On the plus side, my stash of yarns for cat beds is decreasing and within a month or two I should have no yarn piled up around and under the kitchen table. Once that is gone my plan is to (a) wash the kitchen floor and (b) knit for a few months. I think there are still around 200 t-shirts left in the basement but taking a break from turning them into cat beds is appealing to me.

In mom news, she's tired of being quarantined but otherwise she's holding steady. This is also good because her doctor called to tell her that she filled out some form incorrectly and that's why she's not getting one of the medicines she was prescribed. What's annoying is that it took the practice three months to notice.

Speaking of doctors, I met with the neurologist last week and still don't have any answers. I need to find a blood lab that is open for business and have my blood drawn, plus at some point I'm going to get another EMG. I thought I had one of those back in December but that was a "Lower Arterial Doppler," whatever that is. All I know for sure is that I'm tired of the toes on my left foot being painfully cold.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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