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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

Two of the three biggest things of the week are depicted on today's page. Saturday we went in to the office so that [personal profile] jebra could attack the shrubberies. We filled six large leaf bags with what he removed and he still can't see out his office window. He told the boss he'll chop back the tops either later this Spring or in the Fall so as not to over-stress the bushes. That seems wise as the fronts are mostly brown at this point in time.

We were both very sore on Sunday, which was no surprise as five hours of manual labor will do that after months of not using our gardening muscles. I spent the day doing many loads of laundry, finishing a cat bed, calling my mom (who was in a surprisingly good mood for someone who is confined to her house and yard), cleaning the bathroom, texting my sister (also doing great and who had her last dose of chemotherapy on Easter Sunday).

The worst part of Easter Sunday was waking up to the bed shaking and realizing [personal profile] jebra crying. I was in a panic until he could respond with words because I was sure someone, probably one or both of his parents or his brother were dead. Happily I had misidentified the cause; he was looking at facebook, where he'd changed his profile picture to one with his siblings and saw a response from one of his aunts (and the response included her posting a picture of herself with her parents. I don't think I'd ever seen a photo of his grandmother before. She was lovely. His grandfather, on the other hand, looks exactly like his dad. This should not have surprised me as much as did considering that [personal profile] jebra's father looked just like [personal profile] jebra's brother when he was young. Anyway, until she posted her response we had no idea she had an online presence.

Yesterday we left work early so that I could go to the MRI place and get one. I won't learn what, if anything, the doctor saw until later today. This appointment is a telehealth thing so we won't need to go anywhere for the consult.

Also yesterday was our first knitting guild meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting took place via Zoom and went well. Twenty-one of us were online for it, so far fewer than usual. But I enjoyed seeing the folks on and one of them doesn't usually come to the meetings since she moved up to the Thumb area.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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