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Project 52

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I went to the doctor this morning for my usual diabetic check-in and received the wonderful news that I'm down four pounds, my A1C has migrated from 7 to 6, my blood pressure has improved so much that I will not need to go on blood pressure meds, my heart sounds fine and my lungs are clear, and I don't need to return for six months! Oh, and the colonoscopy I was sure I'd need? Turns out I won't need it until next year! Yay! (I, like everyone else, hate the prep so being able to put that for for 12 months is wonderful.)

In mom news, [personal profile] jebra's mom, who I very rarely mention, had gall bladder surgery on the 13th. Apparently it was full of stones and that was what was making her miserable. She's back at her winter home and taking it easy. I don't know how my own mom is I have once again (repeatedly) postponed calling. I might get off my butt and call her today.

Yesterday I went to see my newest doctor, a neurologist, Dr. Belkin. Neither of us know what is going on with me yet. He has scheduled me for a MRI and wants to examine the images from the scan I had five years ago for comparison. The new MRI won't be until April 14th so it will be a while before we know anything. Meanwhile, the days are getting warmer and as usual with the change in seasons, having ice cold toes at night is becoming less frequent.

Meanwhile, I'm living what turns out to be my ideal life: not traveling far from home, not seeing many people, going to work and then returning home to crochet and spend a couple of hours on my exercise bike. We were scheduled to attend the Dorsai Irregulars' own convention this coming weekend, but it has been cancelled/postponed due to the corona virus. I'm more relieved that I don't have to travel than I am upset about not getting to see my friends. I'm sure this says bad things about me but I always score 100% on tests of introversion.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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