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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

My mom is doing fairly well, as I know because she called and sang happy birthday yesterday, although she is still combating whatever it is that is making her feel stuffy and lose her voice. She has been pretty much a homebody for the past few weeks, but with Covid-19 being out there (we now have two cases in Michigan) I'm all in favor of her staying home and away from crowds.

The knitting guild also sang Happy Birthday to me at the meeting last night and that was really special. The member-to-member sale took place at the meeting and I couldn't resist buying more yarn. I have a big bag of Fisherman's Wool which was a steal at $10.00, a handful of some wonderful blue bulky weight yarn, and another $10 bag of wool yarn that is destined to become a pair of fingerless mittens. As it was also Show-and-Share last night, I was finally able to show off the matching hat, cowl, and fingerless mittens I finished. I'm thinking of bringing them to Thing next weekend to put into the auction.

Friday night's concert was pretty darn good. Good enough I don't resent having to skip exercising in order to get up at a decent hour on Saturday. I did, and we did, but we arrived too late to take part in the group photo. (This was the Ingress First Saturday event at Oakland University.)

We played, and earned lots of game points, then went to Trader Joe's to buy stuff for Bob & Connie's House-Cooling Party. This is the opposite of a House-Warming; they have sold their house and this was the last time they'd host a party at the old place. I was looking forward to saying good-bye to it but the house no longer looks right to me. All of the decorations I loved, the wall paper, the fannish stuff over the fireplace, the art on the walls, was removed prior to putting the house on the market. I can't say they were wrong to depersonalize it though as the house went on the market and sold the very next day. It sold much faster than they anticipated which means they are now moving into Connie's parents basement. They haven't found a new house for themselves yet and what with packing, Connie teaching, and the birth of their first grandchild, there's been no time to look.

Sunday we stayed close to home and caught up on chores. Well as caught up as we can be. As usual, my focus was on laundry, washing dishes, changing the sheets, mopping the bathroom floor, and going through as much tarn and yarn as possible. I finished one cat bed on Sunday and made it almost to the half-way point on the next. I also started wondering just how many Anthrocon t-shirts are left as I am looking forward to being done. I went down to the basement to take a look and was delighted when I found a crate with a six-inch pile of folded shirts inside. I was ecstatic -- until I turned around and discovered two more completely full packing crates.

Monday was the concert with the Farmington High School kids. The kids have talent and when their band combined with the FCB it was really good.

Y'all know about yesterday already, so I think I'm done here for now.

Love you all, and many thanks to everyone, especially maddiec24, for making my birthday extra special.

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