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Project 52

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The big event of the week was the Farmington Community Band's Valentines Dinner Dance. We arrived early so that [personal profile] jebra could set up his percussion gear. I sat by the fireplace and knit while he did his thing. When the appetizers were set out I abandoned my perch and went to sit at our table. Contrary to the photo, we were at Table 6 at the other end of the hall. I didn't mind, as it was by the windows at that end and that gave me somewhere to stash my stuff so it would be out of the way. I dislike being seated in the middle of the room as I don't travel light and there just isn't room for everything next to me or under the table.

The music was good, I got to talk with friends from the band and from RL too. And mbumby brought the crochet blanket she's working on with her and kept me company while we crafted and listened to the music.

Saturday we slept in, did laundry, and did a tiny bit of Ingress. We did much more Ingress on Sunday, going out for a walk at Madison Heights Civic Center. We intended to capture all of the portals but it was cold and windy and I was too cold to continue to the park (we did just the ones in front of City Hall, the library, and the fire department).

Also on Saturday, we watched The Asphalt Jungle which was pretty darn good. It was nominated for four Academy Awards so apparently other folk agree with my opinion.

Today is my mom's 80th birthday. My brother and his wife took her to Lansing yesterday for a nice dinner and desert that sounded a lot like Trifle from her description. She said the servings were huge and she brought half of it back to the house. She's in a good mood and seems to be feeling good as well. Her memory is not great and she often has trouble finding the right word but we still manage to communicate.

My sister KC was feeling okay when I texted with her on Valentine's Day. She and her husband weren't doing anything special. Maybe next year, especially if her cancer is in complete remission by then. Her 30 days off from Chemo have just started and she's concentrating on getting stronger.

Last night we met with our accountant and her husband at one of the local Thai restaurants. The food was excellent and the company even better. And at last our tax info is with the person who will be working on them.

Tonight is my first yoga lesson with Laura. I'm actually nervous about it, catastrophizing the way I do. Worrying that I'll have to go up or down stairs (I have no idea which room we'll use) and worrying that I'll be so sore and tired that I either get stuck on the floor or unable to climb into our van for the trip home. Getting stuck on a floor is real concern these days. I went searching for my bag of circular knitting needles a night or two before the dinner dance and couldn't find them. The last place to look was under the couch, so I had to get down on my hands and knees. I found my knitting needles but then I couldn't get up. I had to pull myself up onto the couch first. If I was in a room empty of furniture I might still be stuck there.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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