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Project 52

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My sister KC is now on her 30-day break from chemotherapy. And contrary to what we believed, she is not back at work. She doesn't know if she still has a job; she was there for just three weeks before she went into the hospital and that was a good two months ago. I am not too worried about her as she has never had trouble finding work.

Mom was doing well when I talked to her on Saturday, albeit somewhat frazzled. My brother Eriks and his wife were in town for a funeral and staying at her house. Also, it was snowing like crazy when we spoke. She said she had at least a foot of snow on her driveway and on the plows hadn't made it to her street yet. That was the other part of why she didn't want us to visit. I was worried about the weather too and expected we'd get eight inches of the white stuff in our neighborhood. This did not happen. Yesterday the roads and parking lots were devoid of snow but according to the forecast much colder temperatures and significant snowfall will arrive on Thursday. I am not looking forward to either one.

Last night the Black Sheep Knitting Guild met. I think we annoyed our landlord (the church) by arriving before our contracted hours. In my case, it was because the FCB Big Band had practice and [personal profile] jebra dropped me off a half hour early. I planned to camp out on one of the chairs in entryway but other folks headed down to the basement and I went too. This was supposed to be the Make-and-Take meeting and the kits were handed out but I didn't see a single person working on it. I worked on the fingerless mittens I've been working on for months. I might work on them more during the Valentine Dinner Dance, or if I can find the project bag, the scarf I started last year and misplaced.

We have a raffle most meetings. Tickets are one for $1 or three for $2. My two bucks net three skeins of lovely wool yarn and one of the other winners didn't like her prize (three balls of bright pink yarn) and gifted it to me. So I came home with that, a ton of yarn off the free table, a sturdy book-bag and a lovely hand-knit short-sleeve pullover from the same source. Oh, and Kitty gifted me a huge bag of yarn she doesn't want to take with her when we moves to Oregon. Her and her husband are supposed to close on their new house in two weeks, so I know she's busy trying to pack and get her old house ready for sale.

Last Saturday we slept late and eventually went out to play Ingress and get some dinner. When we returned home, somebody stayed behind in the car to reset the error codes. On Sunday, that someone couldn't find his car key. I wondered if he'd left it in the ignition. He said no and searched the house, then the driveway. It was in the ignition and the car's battery was dead, dead, dead. Rather than mess with jumper cables (I'm sure we have at least one set somewhere) or call AAA, we let the van sit there until Monday morning when I called Triple-A for a jump. The guy had no trouble getting it to start and the electronic gizmo that monitors the jump told him that our battery might be good for three or four more starts before it needed replacing. So our first stop was at our car repair place. We now have a nice new strong battery and a cable to replace the old, corroded one.

Sunday while we were home [personal profile] jebra and I watched Blonde Ice, which is best described as Film Noir and not very good. I think it was legitimately classified as a B Movie. Tonight I need to remember to check the listing to see what will be showing on the Movie channel on Thursday as the commercials during the movie informed us that Thursdays are now Noir movie day. I love Noir movies almost as much as I love true crime.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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