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Project 52, which was supposed to be a day early

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Funny how for me 2019 had 53 weeks. I'd planned to post this during the day on December 31st, but my body had other ideas. Or perhaps it is wrong to blame my body as I am pretty sure it didn't want to come down with the flu either. I started feeling sick on the way down to Indiana and was 100% ill by the time we arrived at my brother- and sister-in-laws. I saw them for maybe three minutes, then fled to our hotel room. Where I stayed for the following 24 hours. I'm home again now but still not feeling well. And worried about Jebra since he although he seems fine, he's also leaving for MAGfest in the morning.

In other news, we saw my mom last Sunday! I was so happy to see her it wasn't even funny. She was happy about seeing me too, but I think she was even more relieved to be in the middle of a phone call with my sister. That was the first time they've spoken in the past seven weeks. KC is fighting/has fought off leukemia and the medicine gave her such sores in her mouth and throat that she could neither talk nor eat. I figure after seven weeks flat on her back and without food she is very thin and has lost tons of muscle. If all went well, she should have been transferred to a rehab facility by now.

There was probably more stuff I could tell you about but if so I have no idea what it would be. My brain isn't working quite right and probably won't until I recover enough that I can keep food down.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful we will all have a great 2020 and that better things are in store for us all.

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