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Project 52

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I have been feeling incredibly rushed for the past three weeks. This seems worse than I remember past Decembers so I looked at my google calendar to see if there are any hints. Yes, there are more things on than previous years and work's been busy too. I keep thinking of things I need to follow up on (Does my sister do Amazon wish-lists? Is there time to do Christmas cards? (No.) Is there some sort of fitness app for my phone designed to prompt me to stand up and walk around the office every 15-30 minutes? Will I remember Google for info on high blood pressure?

I continue to reduce the amount of yarn in the house by making cat beds but my stock is still, well, impressive. I haven't even opened three of the five big plastic garden waste bags the charity coordinator for the guild gave me. On the other hand, I figure I have around 300 t-shirts left to cut up and use so I will need at least that much yarn. It's just that it is a tripping hazard where it is and there's no where else to stash it that isn't work. And I sure don't want it here as I already have my good yarn hidden in one of work's closets.

Now that I'm typing all this, I begin to see why my blood pressure was up at the doctor's this morning. I was in for the usual follow-up to diabetes, but this was the first time I've ever had my blood pressure reading being high enough to warrant drugs. Oh, and I get to go in for some other testing next month. There's a solid guess I'm having troubles with neuropathy and stenosis in the veins in my legs. I'm stressed out and it shows.

But I'm doing better than my sister (KC) who, last any of us heard, is still stuck in the hospital. She's been there for around three weeks. As far as my mom and I know, she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of leukemia (that part is certain) and she's been undergoing aggressive treatment ever since. Apparently chemo is kicking her ass and she isn't in the mood and/or feeling good enough to respond to our many calls and texts. Oh, and mom lost her voice about a week ago and hasn't found it yet. Eiyee.

For Jebra, the past three weeks have been filled with concerts, either ones he's in or ones he just wants to attend. He was in his fourth and fifth TubaChristmas on Saturday, first at Oakland University and then later that evening in downtown Howell. I went to both (and listened in on both rehearsals too). I froze at the one in Howell (but it at least it wasn't sleeting like it was one the one year). Afterwards we out to dinner with his cousin John and John's wife and father (i.e. Jebra's uncle). That is traditional for us and was much enjoyed.

Sunday was the big FCB December concert (it went well) and then a handful us went out for Indian at a place new to me. Expensive but worth every penny. And located surprisingly near North Farmington High School, which is where the FCB has moved for the auditorium concerts.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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