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Project 52

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Is time running faster the closer we are to the end of 2019? It certainly feels that way to me. I saw my sleep doctor and his staff Thursday afternoon. The technicians changed the settings on my CPAP machine so the amount of air flow is no longer slowly ramping up. This is good because I would lay there, frustrated and awake no matter how tired I was until the pressure was enough that I could breathe without conscious effort. The technician also re-adjusted the straps on the headgear for my mask. I thought it was a 100% improvement as my masked wasn't keeping me awake by being uncomfortable, but the next morning [personal profile] jebra told me the mask was keeping him up by imitating a wind instrument. I don't know if that was fluke or if it is a continuing problem. Me, I'm just happy to be getting better sleep. Now I just need a whole lot more of it. It's a good night if I get six hours in between getting to bed too late because of exercise and general stupidity and needing to get up in time for work.

Anyway, after the sleep doctor, we went to see Noises Off at the Baldwin. This was the second time I've seen the play and I remembered it being funnier although I was laughing very, very hard by the final act. [personal profile] jebra said he thought the timing was off with this production. That would make sense because this is a door-slamming farce and timing is crucial to the story.

I have no idea what we did after work on Friday. Shopping? Laundry? For sure exercise but whatever it was it wasn't watching Live PD as is my usual routine. I didn't get to start on that until Sunday as we spent all of Saturday at Marshall's house with Kim and with Ian. Ian spent 90% of the day napping on the couch. Kim (who is a nurse) thinks he needs to get his thyroid checked. I was thinking his sleepiness was because of school and trying to get his welding business off the ground. I spend the day knitting a cowl, which sounds productive except that I made an error that bothered me enough to pull out a good three inches of knitting and then, yesterday, spent about two hours pulling out yarn, getting the project back on my knitting needles, and figuring out if I pulled out enough yarn and exactly where I was in the pattern. I think I have it sorted.

I meant to take lots of photos at our little Faux Thanksgiving but forgot to do so. I have no idea why I have such a mental block when it comes to taking pictures of people, especially people I care about. Its frustrating to me as no one would ever be able to tell who I love based upon the number of photos I have featuring those people.

Sunday was spent doing laundry, catching up on Live PD, and starting another Cat Bed. I thought about my knitting but just didn't want to work on any of it. I know I'm running out of time for the project I promised to make for [personal profile] jebra in time for Tuba Christmas. The yarn and needles have been going around with me for two weeks but so far I haven't even managed to cast on the first fingerless mitten. I plan to work on them while we are in Indiana for Thanksgiving. We leave after work tonight, having packed up the van this morning. Except for the ton of cat beds that are going with us. Hopefully the weather does not prevent me from delivering them to Rosie of Rosie's Southside Animal Shelter. I am bringing the beds as far south as Noblesville while Rosie gets to drive north from Indianapolis to Noblesville. The "bomb cyclone" I see in the headlines has me more nervous about the trip than usual (and I'm never what you'd call sanguine when it comes traveling out of town).

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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