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Project 52

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This was a tough week, what with mourning the loss of Esme and dealing with the increasingly ill Pandez. I knew he wasn't long for this world and it was heartbreaking to see his eyes so full of life but his body failing. I can only hope he is somewhere once again snuggling with his sister.

In mom news, I got to talk with her very briefly. Her mood was good and she's undergoing more tests. For what, I don't know as we always talk via cellphone and reception in Ionia is crap. If I can make out very third or fourth word it means we have a great connection. I hope to call her again today assuming I can keep my own mood stable. I never want to upset her and therefore hate to reveal just how poorly I'm coping with my emotions.

The First Saturday event started at 8 am which means we had to get up early on Saturday to go. I'm not sorry we went but good grief it was cold. It was a darn good thing the event was held so near our house as it meant we could return home to fetch winter gloves. After we hit our goal of 5000 points we ducked into one of the local restaurants for breakfast and warmth. Frittata is a cozy little place with excellent food but an inexpensive breakfast it is not. Still, we got to experience somewhere new-to-us and get warm so I can't complain.

When the event ended we returned to the house and I worked on the current cat bed. Which are concerning me as FIP is contagious and I don't want to put other cats at risk. I don't know how to quantify the level of risk. The last steps in making them are (1) washing them on the "sanitize" cycle with laundry soap, (2) putting them into the dryer until they are bone dry, and (3) immediately stacking them into giant ziplock bags and not removing them until they are elsewhere. I think the risk to other cats should be close to zero but I don't know for certain. Nor do I know who I could ask who would know.

Anyway, we stayed home for a few hours then left for Fred & Laura's and the SEMGS meeting. It was a full house and that was very nice. A bunch of folk who don't normally turn out for SEMGS came and that made it extra special. Food was good too.

Sunday was laundry, playing Ingress locally, doing a bit of shopping, and then lots more laundry. I'm still not caught up, even though I did more after work on Monday and another load last night.

ETA: I thought to call the Michigan Humane Society for advice. Their vet says all I need to do is machine wash the beds in hot water before I donate them. Yay!

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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