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Project 52

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This was not one of my better weeks. I am stressed about our cats in general and Esme's unexpected death did not help.

Friday night [personal profile] jebra played with the OLP during their concert as they were once again short on percussionists. I had my knitting with me and knit for a few hours before I knew I'd never be happy with it if I continued as I could see two places where I goofed up the pattern and I couldn't figure out how to recover. I frogged the entire thing and decided to turn the yarn into a hat. I knit the hat over the weekend, starting when we were in the car on the way up to [personal profile] jebra's folks' place. They forgot to turn off the water and open the taps before they left for Florida which is why we had to go up. Going meant I had to miss one of my favorite parties of the year (Sharon & Darby's Pumpkin Carving Party).

Sunday was the Spooktacular Concert and it took up most of our day. Good concert and I enjoyed seeing everyone's costumes. Plus I was almost done knitting the hat by the time we got home.

Monday was back to work, followed by band practice for [personal profile] jebra and laundry, crochet, and exercise for me.

Yesterday morning was horrible, starting with [personal profile] jebra finding Esme unresponsive, to rushing her to the vet, to learning she was so near death that there was nothing anyone could do for her. We had her put down and arranged for her cremation. After that we didn't really feel like going to work but we needed to go. Work is already down one person (our boss) as his mother fell and broke her hip on Friday. She has already had surgery for some sort of partial hip replacement. I am not at all clear on the details, including where she right now. I know where she had surgery, but there was talk of putting her in a rehab place for a few weeks while she heals but I think the family is fighting to keep her at the hospital because the level of care is so much greater there.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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