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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

As I look at today's scrapbook page, the text explains what we were up to, but does nothing to explain the photos. Shain Park had been yarn bombed by, well, actually I don't know. The local yarn shop? One of the guilds? A combination of folk? No idea, but I enjoyed looking at all the yarny goodness. The one in the photos is, of course, a Lucky 8 Ball.

Sunday held the possibility of music at MSU Tollgate Farm but too few musicians signed up for the concert to take place. I was disappointed for my friend as he was the one who attempted to organize it. On the other hand, this meant I could sleep in and I was in dire need of more sleep. I still am, but not as desperately as I was over the weekend.

Monday night was band practice for [personal profile] jebra and crochet-laundry-exercise for me. I finished the cat bed I was working on and am rather happy with it. One of the folks who visits here at the office hinted she has large cats and would like to purchase a bed or two. That's great news as I'm running out of acrylic yarn and could use the money to replenish my stock.

Last night was the second Knitting Guild meeting in our echo-y new home, the church whose name I can never remember. We meet in a large common room down in the basement and while we now have a ton of space, it is hard to hear anything once everyone gets talking. The sound gets jumbled up and I can't follow a conversation without intense concentration. That's annoying but I love my fellow guild members and they're worth the effort.

No family news this week. I've been meaning to call my mom but haven't actually done so yet.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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