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Project 52

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I did not have the weekend I anticipated I would have, but nevertheless it was very good. My mom called me on Friday to say that she was not feeling at well and did not want us to come over for a visit. On the one hand, I was disappointed. On the other, [personal profile] jebra wasn't feeling at all well either (he was coughing his head off and fretting that he would make friends and family sick if he spent any time in close quarters with them). So Friday night we stayed home and on Saturday, rather than go to SEMGS, we went to Greenfield Village to ride the train and play Ingress. We did one mission in the village and it was a struggle to upgrade all 26 portals. Not because they were difficult to upgrade, but because walking to them racked up over three miles on my pedometer.

Both of our blood sugar levels dropped while we were out on the mission so we stopped at the village's A Taste of History for food and something to drink. We had a nice green salad and Mac & Cheese that was made following a recipe from the late 1800s. I'm still thinking about how good the mac & cheese was and wish I could remember the name of the cookbook or its author.

On Sunday we got up fairly early and drove to St Johns for my family reunion. My mom and brother Brad were there so I did get to see my mom and that was the highlight of the day. Talking to my, um, cousin? Aunt? Jeannie was the second best part. I came in late to the conversation but it seems one of relatives got caught manufacturing Meth and another of the female relatives got sent to jail for something (never found out what) and came out knowing four recipes for different types of meth. I remember one of them was "Clear Meth" and I'd never even heard of that before. (Being a true crime addict, I found the conversation fascinating, not that I actually approve of using any type of meth.)

After the reunion [personal profile] jebra and I stuck around St Johns and walked another Ingress Mission, Explore Downtown St Johns. This mission is much smaller and the one in Greenfield Village but it still wore me out. St Johns is not perfectly flat and I find it difficult to walk up (or down) even slight inclines. Even with my walking stick.

Last night was the first Guild Meeting of the year (we follow the academic school year). It was great seeing everyone and exploring our new space. We moved from the Huntington Woods Public Library to the church that is across from Red Run Golf Course. Although I suspect it would be too far for me to walk by myself while carrying my knitting is much nearer to our house.

My mom looked pretty good when I saw her on Sunday but she sure was struggling to find the words she wanted when she talked. And she explained that the reason she felt so poorly on Friday was because of the Iron Infusion she received the day before. She says she feels awful the next day. She's also worried about how she'll fare this Winter. She is still forbidden to drive anywhere alone and she's feeling isolated. Not being able to easily converse surely isn't helping with that.

No other news, at least not that I can think of at the moment. If there are any questions of me you are welcome to ask.

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