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Project 52

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I don't remember much about Thursday or Friday. I went to work, I came home, and did laundry. After work on Friday I think we went for a walk, then it was more of the same and watching Live PD. What with exercising and taking a shower it was 2 am and I was still watching that night's episode and was introduced to the high end performance car the Tramontana. I had to stop and google because, to me, it looked like a cross between one of those fancy three-wheeled motorcycles and the Batmobile and I just had to know more. Having looked it up it became obvious I will never had enough money to own one and I'm not sure I'd want to because keeping it road-worthy also looked like an expensive proposition. (Not to mention I don't like to drive and no longer have any interest in driving fast. Back when I had my Merkur Scorpio I got it up to, um, 120 mph (or maybe that was 130, my memory sucks). I remember we were on a highway in Northern Michigan and traffic was extremely light that day. And that when I went back down to 55 afterwards, 55 felt more like 25. Anyway, the Tramontana is one heck of piece of automotive eye candy if you're interested in that sort of thing.

On Saturday we slept in longer than I thought I'd get to do, then got up, ate breakfast and left for The Henry Ford. We purchased annual memberships (and I hope like crazy we have time to visit the village before it closes for the Winter as there are a ton of Ingress portals and missions there, plus we both love the train). We were joining a subset of the SEMGS crowd there to see the Apollo 11 movie and [personal profile] jebra wanted to tour the Star Trek exhibit. I grew up in the Detroit area, where Star Trek was on reruns and almost every night I would watch the last half hour of the show with my dad. I'm not sure when I lost interest in the show but I remember whatever incarnation was on during or after Babylon 5 just didn't grab me. Which is a long assed way of saying I wasn't terribly interested in seeing the exhibit but I went and I found thing to enjoy. For one thing, the "miniature" models of the spacecraft are not miniature at all. I was expecting something I could pick up and hold in one hand to examine. And, as usual, I enjoyed looking at the costuming, especially the ornate ones.

I wasn't terribly interested in seeing the movie either and went mainly because [personal profile] jebra would enjoy having me there with him. The movie's good and seeing everyone working in the control rooms during the mission was interesting. I wonder how many modern PCs it would take to equal that amount of computing power. Not very many I expect.

After the movie half of our group took off for other events and those of us remaining went out for a meal. We landed at LA Bistro where the food was excellent and the company even better. [personal profile] jebra took main roads on the way home, so I got to hack and/or claim lots of Ingress portals and we took 12 Mile where there were a ton of portals and an excellent ice cream place. I ordered a small Butter Pecan which (a) turned out to me too much ice cream and (b) not nearly as tasty as the Tennessee/Jack Daniels/hard sauce thing [personal profile] jebra ordered.

Following that it was time to go home and work on the current cat bed before climbing up on my exercise bike and start peddling. I was very tired and although I got through my biking and shower I didn't get past the first hour of Saturday night's Live PD.

Sunday we got up at a reasonable hour, had breakfast, and got ready for that evening's concert on Belle Isle. [personal profile] jebra was asked to help out with percussion for the Birmingham Concert Band's performance. He enjoyed playing and was glad he agreed when he realized he was one of two percussionists at performance that could have used five or six drummers. We got the island early because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to find a parking space. Finding one when we arrived was a challenge, but ironically it would have been less of one if we'd arrived closer to the concert start time. It seems a lot of families visit the island in the morning and afternoon but leave in the late afternoon. Still, it gave me a chance to roam the island for a while and play Ingress and claim a bunch of portals, not to mention make a few fields.

The concert itself was fine; I read on my tablet for a while, then got out my knitting and worked on the chemo cap that I'd like to have done by September 10th. No telling if I'll meet that goal; I'm working with sock yarn and I'm not even at the half-way point yet. If the weather sucks and I feel like knitting while we are North for the bridgewalk I might pull it off. If I don't nothing bad will happen, this is a bonus charity chemo cap for the guild and I'm sure if I miss this deadline the guild will do chemo caps again at some future time.

In Mom news, we played phone tag for three days before we actually managed to connect. Today she should be having fun as she's getting together with a group of women she hasn't seen in at least ten years. She was pretty darn excited about it when we talked and she was feeling great even though whatever is going on with her stomach still hasn't been fully diagnosed. She goes in for another Iron Infusion tomorrow and then more scoping on, um, Monday I think. Or maybe that was Friday since Monday is Labor Day.

In things-around-our-house news, our next door neighbors seem to have hurt [personal profile] jebra's feelings by having one of those white 6' PVC fences installed between our property and theirs. This made me sad as it means I can no longer look over and see if their dog is outside. Seeing Ernie was, for most of the past year, the number one best thing about getting home from work. After I processed [personal profile] jebra's reaction and my own, I gave the matter more thought and decided that the fence could easily be explained by their wanting to improve the view. Our yard is a mess and we haven't been out there yet this year. We have weeds coming up in all sorts of unfortunate places and unwelcome mulberry trees too. The mess makes me sad as back when I was younger and healthier I could go out there and work on it by myself. I also remember how many times I'd end up angry because I'd be out there for a good three or four hours before [personal profile] jebra would come out to help. He's usually be good for three or so hours and then he'd be too tired and sore to do more. Jean used to call me Little Bison because I'd just put my head down and keep pushing. Now I'm an elderly little bison who is just as stubborn but picks smaller goals.

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