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Project 52

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[personal profile] mrs_sweetpeach has a Sugarbeet! That was Esme's name at New Beginnings Animal Rescue. We picked her and her "brother" Rory Pandez after work last Wednesday. They came home with no drama; the drama came when Fiona saw them. There was hissing and a tiny bit of swatting, but no bloodshed. Today was the first day I didn't hear any hissing, although I did notice when Esme went under the couch, she flushed Fiona out of her usual spot on the window sill. The kids don't seem to be at all worried about her having her near them but she still uncomfortable when they're within a few feet of her.

I'd forgotten what little trouble-makers kittens can be. One of them has a thing for pulling down the toilet paper and shredding it. And the bathmat and throw rug in the hallway are rarely where they belong. Both of the kittens are great at pouncing and when they decide to wrestle the adorableness is off the charts.

I spent most of the weekend at home with the cats, watching shows off the dvr and making new cat beds. With the kittens expressing interest in my yarn the speed of my crochet has decreased. It's hard to pull out yarn when there's a kitten attached to one end. Or a kitten has gotten it into his or her head to leap into the bed under construction while I'm working on it. The kittens only weigh about four pounds but it is still such a surprise to have that sudden addition hanging from my hands.

Besides kitties, the other bit of fun we had was when [personal profile] jebra drove us to Ypsilanti to play Ingress and go out to dinner with [profile] mbumby and [personal profile] traveller42. We went to Maize and although [personal profile] jebra didn't seem overly impressed with his dinner, I absolutely loved my Mango Salsa Salad. I think it's one of the three or four best salads I've ever had in my entire life.

In Mom news, she's been enjoying her vacation and is scheduled to return to Michigan on Wednesday.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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