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Project 52

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This was another of those weeks. Nothing horrific, but bothersome and stressful. Work was work, nothing new or bad there. Well, other than one of the drains back by the dumpster is starting to collapse and one of my coworkers is convinced there's a sinkhole forming. He has forbidden me take the trash out. Seeing as I rarely do (I gather it up from around the building and leave the bag by his desk so that he can dump his own trash into it), this amuses me.

Thursday night we were sheduled to drive to Ann Arbor for a NL-1331X (Ingress) meet-up. We signed up (and actually spent money) for this and left work with barely enough time to arrive when it started. The van started making sounds neither of us liked and [personal profile] jebra called Master Auto to make an appointment. We talked about not going but decided to risk it. We were maybe one-third of the way there when a new, worse, sound developed. We headed home; [personal profile] jebra dropped me off at the house and unloaded up some stuff, then drove to Master Auto and walked the four miles home.

In the morning he walked to Enterprise and rented a car so that we could go to work and he'd still be able to drive up north to see his folks, not to mention play at the Franklin Memorial Day celebration. Master Auto called and said they'd taken a look at the van (which was a surprise as we didn't expect them to get to until Tuesday when we had our appointment). It was good we didn't try to get to Ann Arbor as the only thing holding one of the wheels on was its brake. Eek. The van needed new brakes, a new wheel bearing, and I don't know what else. I suppose I'll find out when I get the paperwork when we pick it up this afternoon.

With [personal profile] jebra up north with his folks, I stayed home to take care of Hamish, who now complains about how crummy he feels every time he has my attention. Other than taking myself out for a walk once on Saturday and again on Sunday, I was home the entire weekend. I finished knitting the Sherlock scarf I started on May 20, 2018. It still needs blocking but I probably won't get to that until next week. The scarf has 90 I-cord tassels which means that there were 181 ends to weave in. No wonder it took most of the weekend to finish.

[personal profile] jebra came home Sunday night and then in the morning we both went to Franklin's cemetery. I wasn't sure about going; some of the past speakers have left me feeling profoundly depressed. Thankfully, this year was not one them. Her mother was a Rosie and she told stories about her mother during World War II and she relayed stories from other Rosies. The USA is very different than it was during WWII, and I'm not talking about cellphones or the internet. Pretty much everyone played a role in defeating Hitler and the Japanese, not just members of the military. Some women worked in factories to support the was effort, but even those who stayed home did things like collect cooking fat (so that it could be turned into glycerin, a key ingredient in manufacturing explosives). Other than say "Thank you for your service," We've been at war for the past seventeen years, an entire lifetime for the younger set. Patriotism today is far different than it was during 1939-1945.

The book at the top of today's page is a Heart Shield Bible, a small metal plated bible kept in the left shirt pocket. In searching for an image to use, I saw quite a few with marks left by bullets. There's another Heart Shield Bible in our speaker's hands.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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