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Project 52

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It was a week. My nephew Travis, he of the burnt-down rent-to-own house, welcomed his newest child into the world. No idea where they're living or if they will really be leaving Michigan, but they are delighted with their new daughter. And her older brother turned 1 years old yesterday. She has lots of siblings but heck if I can tell you how many (or by how many women). I am pretty sure Travis himself can't answer that question.

In [personal profile] jebra news, his folks made at least as far north as Indiana. I still don't know what was wrong with the car that left them stuck in Tennessee for three nights while waiting for the dealership to look at their car. [personal profile] jebra himself spend the weekend in Columbus Ohio at Marcon while I stayed home to monitor the cats (especially Hamish, who I swear is shrinking not just in the thickness of his coat but in his overall size. If I thought bones could shrink in size I'd blame that for how little physical space he occupies. Fiona is now taller than he is even though I believe she's been full grown for the past year.

In mom news, she was doing well when I talked with her and is looking forward to her weekend away with my brother Rob and his wife. If I understood correctly, they have purchased a travel trailer and intend to take her on a weekend jaunt. She didn't the know the destination but wasn't concerned. Neither am I, as Rob takes excellent care of mom. He's been the go-to person ever since she had her first stroke.

As for me, I might finally be getting healthy. The last time I was at the doctor (three months ago, I think, although the way I've been losing time, it could have been six) I had an elevated white blood cell count. I was supposed to go in for a re-check, but didn't when I figured out something was wrong with my teeth and one was infected. That's why yesterday's root canal took place, something in there cracked and infection got in. The procedure was long, nearly three hours, but this was also the first time a dentist was able to anesthetize me properly. I experienced very little pain. The tooth still hurts if I press on it but I won't worry about that unless it gets worse or continues to hurt for more than a week. So away, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and I know he's going to check my fluids. Assuming I can keep the idea in my head long enough, I'm also going to ask him to run the test that shows whether or not you have immunity to the measles. I know I was immunized about a million years ago, but so was the husband and he no longer had immunity. He goes in for a new/booster shot this afternoon. It will also be interesting to see how my A1C comes in. I quit testing my blood about a month and a half ago because it just didn't seem worth the effort. It was consistently running high, which I attribute to the infection. I was on two weeks of antibiotics before the root canal and my blood was a much more reasonable 126 this morning.

Knitting Guild met last night and I turned in six artificial bird nests, five baby hats, and showed off my accidentally over-dyed dishcloth. Which was a big hit for such a silly little thing. It was the member-to-member stash-busting sale and I came home with some gorgeous yarn from Miss Babs plus a shawl kit. Oh, and a SPINNING WHEEL! That wasn't a purchase though, that was a gift from one of my friends in guild. She's trying to empty her house of stuff she doesn't use and gave it me. I've been wanting to learn to spin for ages so now I need to clear out a spot for the wheel. Seeing as the living room is cluttered with my cat bed stuff, this will take some time. And I still have three packing crates of t-shirts to cut into tarn in the basement. What I really need to do is find that winning lottery ticket and stop spending time at work....

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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