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Project 52

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Saturday was an (Ingress) First Saturday and this time it was held in Royal Oak which meant I had no excuse not to go. I was the first person to register in person at the event but I may have messed up and not been able to hack the first portal during the actual game. I hacked early and often, burning out the portal perhaps before the required hack was recorded. As far as I know, [personal profile] jebra hasn't received a medal for the event yet, so there may still be hope. Even if my play didn't count, I walked 4 K and enjoyed interacting with the other players.

After the event, [personal profile] jebra took me home where I watched tv and crocheted and took it easy. Walking wears me out and my balance gets worse when I get tired, and I felt I was just a few blocks away from taking a fall. Although I believe I did manage to go up and down the basement stairs a few times without injury (I think it was Saturday night when I did the first load of weekend laundry). [personal profile] jebra went off to Penguicon to see people; I was too worn out for that.

He had a good time at the con and then disappeared into the basement to catch up on his computer work and social media. He was very upset when he came upstairs (around 2 or 3 in the morning) and
told me that our best friend from college had posted to FB that he wasn't dead or paralyzed, but he had broken his back while he was on vacation. He was in one of the Carolina's during a 50 mph windstorm and had been blown off a walkway falling several stories. One of his vertebrae shattered and he needed a Level One Trauma Center, surgery, and morphine. He's back home now, resting and being grateful to alive with his wife and children and extended family.

On Sunday I got up at a reasonable time and let [personal profile] jebra sleep in as I know he got very little rest after learning the above news. In the afternoon we went out to play Ingress at Troy Civic Center, where we played a very nice six-mission set and then went to Taco Bell for fake Mexican on a fake Mexican holiday.

Monday was back to work and then band practice for [personal profile] jebra. I did more laundry, knitted for a while, and then spent two hours on my exercise bike.

Tuesday we left work an hour earlier so that [personal profile] jebra could go and be a pinch hitter (pinch percussionist?) for one of the high schools. I stayed home so that I could do my exercise and attempt to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I got to bed more or less on time but then couldn't sleep because I was upset that I had stumbled in our kitchen and dumped a tray of frozen rhubarb onto the kitchen floor. Rhubarb I had harvested when I got home from work and then cut into chunks of an inch or less. Even worse, when I got out of bed to get some water, I saw that Hamish wasn't moving right. He's been unsteady on his feet for a while, but his back legs were not working right. I don't know if he feet hurt and that's what was behind him not putting weight on them or if they aren't bending correctly. He kept stretching them out behind him, not crawling and not dragging, but just extended behind him. I had hoped to further diagnose the problem this morning as I'd be home because the air conditioner maintenance man was coming by for our pre-season check-up. Both cats hid when the technician arrived and I didn't see either one again before we left for work. As if that isn't bad enough, some $650 part inside the A/C is failing and, unrelated to that, the coolant is leaking. Long term I don't know what we're going to do; the unit is about 20 years old so I'm not sure it will be worth fixing when it fails.

In mom news, I called her yesterday after putting the rhubarb into the freezer. She sounded good although her late Spring early Summer plans are up in the air. She was going to visit my sister KC, but doctor's appointments are getting the way. And my brother Eriks may be returning to Michigan long enough to fetch his son Travis and Travis' wife and kids and move them to Tennessee. Travis wants to store his stuff in mom's basement but my siblings are against the idea because who knows how long that stuff will be down there, especially if Travis is no longer in the state. I thought he'd been asked to move out from his father-in-law's house and that was why he needed storage space, but no it turns out he and his family were living in a mobile home -- which caught fire back in February and is no longer habitable. With my memory issuers I was afraid I'd known that and had forgotten, but [personal profile] jebra tells me he didn't know about it either.

Hopefully that is everything because just tying all of this has worn me out.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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