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Project 52

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Up until Monday night this was a normal week with no surprises. I spent my free time working on creating cat beds for Motor City Furry Con's charity, which happens to be the cat rescue. That's where we obtained our Fiona, so we have a warm space in our heart for them. My goal was, first, a dozen beds, now I'm suffering from scope creep and working on 1.5 dozen. Or a full 2 dozen if I can pull it off. Each bed is still between four and six hours of work, so there's no telling if I knock out another six between now and a week from today. Plus there are other things going on, like grocery shopping and SEMGS this weekend. Although come to think of it I haven't seen any announcements regarding SEMGS. I should check my spam folder just in case they are ending up there again.

But back to Monday night. It started off unusual because the Farmington Community Band wasn't having their usual Monday night rehearsal because the school was closed for Spring Break. This mean jebra was home with me. I called him upstairs to watch Danger Man with me. We started watching a couple of months ago, recording episodes off the re-run station Charge!. Currently, each episode has a 45 minute time block but actual show time is closer to a half hour, so there was to watch two episodes before I needed to get into the shower and start getting ready for bed. We were just a little bit into the second episode when the right pedal on my exercise bike sheared off. This was an unwelcome surprise and the failure is not repairable. Something inside the pedal broke and there is not a way to reattach the darn thing. After the episode ended we examined the pedal and how it attaches to the bike, then had a brief debate about ordering a replacement pedal versus a new bike. I'm not sure I picked the right choice, but I have replacement pedals on order from Amazon, scheduled to arrive sometime on Thursday. (The reason I was thinking of a new bike is that there's been this terrible "gronking" noise lately and I suspect there's some sort of problem inside the main housing. I purchased my bike June 1, 2016 and have been using it regularly, so there are hundreds of miles on the machine.)

On the bright side, I was not hurt when the pedal came off plus I got an extra two hours of crochet in in last night. On the weird side, my knees hurt like crazy, like they do when we're about to have a bad storm or I've over-worked them. Neither is the case.

Over the weekend I spent the majority of my time working on cat beds and watching stuff off the DVR. I have no idea of how many hours I spent in front of the tv. I'd guess it was close to 16 but it could have been more. I'm no where near close to caught up. There's a problem with having three or four hours to watch what I've recorded during the day but typically recording nine or ten hours daily during the work week. And I record more than that during the weekend. Almost all of it is is true crime. The only fictional shows I've been recording are Danger Man, NCIS and Law & Order: SVU. Anyway, over the weekend one of the shows I caught was an old episode of Hoarders. I keep hoping watching will motivate me to clean out my own house but I keep putting that off in favor of making cat beds. At least making cat beds gets yarn out of the house (which I admit would work even better if I'd stop buying more). Anyway, the therapist on whatever episode this was talked with the woman with the hoarding problem and had her do an exercise in which she had her imagine her house had caught on fire and she had exactly two minutes to grab what she wanted to keep and leave the building. She timed the two minutes and her client returned with a bunch of family photos and very little else. I think the exercise helped her put what's really important to her into perspective. I spent some time thinking about what I would want to keep if I had two minutes to get what mattered most to me out of the house. The first things that came to mind were the lock box in my desk drawer (that contains a photo of my dad, the broach he bought for his mother, and a few old coins), the framed photo of my dad from the wall in our bedroom, a portrait of Hutch dressed as a Roman soldier that Marion drew, and my favorite piece from Diana Harlan Stein. Later I thought that if it were all together (it isn't) I ought to grab the box with genealogy research on my family. That's another of my back-burner projects, recreating the electronic version of my family tree. I had it all on the computer but one of the crashes wiped out the data. By the time jebra got around to investigating why the program would no longer run, the backups were either lost or corrupt. I was not a happy camper when he told me, and to be honest I am still annoyed that he didn't take action when I asked him to the first time.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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