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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

Not one of my better weeks, although I did see a few people who aren't co-workers and I did finish another cat bed and two more dishcloths. I think I am *finally* getting the hang of the Crazy Eights dishcloth pattern and I might have memorized how to do the Kitchener stitch. We shall see if it sticks in my memory this time — but I am keeping a video tutorial on my phone just in case it doesn't.

Sunday was the final concert in the Farmington High School's auditorium, closing with Auld Lang Syne which made me somewhat teary. The building is supposedly being remodeled and turned into a community center at the close of the school year. Farmington is well-to-do community so I hope that happens and that do a good job of it.

In mom news, when I talked to her on Monday she was still in the hospital. She's gone in on Friday to have temporary colostomy reversal surgery. The operation took longer than expected (no clue why) but the surgeon said she had healed well from the first surgery and all looked good. Mom was in a very good mood when I talked to her and she wasn't in any pain. She was also supposed to be released as soon as her bowels resumed work, so hopefully she's home by now. (*thinks* I could call her and not speculate! *goes off to call mom*) Nope, not home yet, but hopefully later today, perhaps as soon as within the hour. Happily, her mood is good and she's not fumbling for words today. In fact, she sounds much like she did before the first stroke which is a huge relief.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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