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Project 52

(If the images refuse to load, you should be able to see them in a new tabs by clicking here and here .)

These pages pretty much sum up my week. Work was work and I'm still trying to finish putting the accountant's box together. Labeling the records 2018 felt normal. Typing or writing 2019 feels normal too. But next is year is 2020 and having had to type that, well, it felt weird. It still does.

If I did anything after work any of those days, I don't remember what it could have been. I did my biking, watched tv, and a lot of crochet. I'd like to provide two dozen cat beds to Fur Squared's charity and there isn't a whole lot of time. Finishing ten and a half beds in the three weeks I have left sounds ambitious. My crochet speed is holding steady, so I'm still averaging between five and six hours per bed. And I do need to sleep sometime.

Today it is supposed to get up to 44 degrees (F). I like that but I do not like the ice that is out there right now. I had a heck of a time getting out to the van this morning. I think if jebra was not home (and willing to let me hang on to him) I would have had to admit defeat and stay home as I had trouble staying upright even with his help. I am ridiculously afraid of falling, to the point where my conscious mind informs me that it is safe to step forward but my feet refuse to move. And I'm back on my antidepressants, so I can't blame this disconnect on the lack of meds.

jebra attended Confusion over the weekend. What with my deadline, antisocial tendencies, and frugality, I stayed home. This served me well Saturday night, because that was when he got snowed in at the hotel. It wasn't that so much snow fell he couldn't leave the parking lot, it was that enough snow fell that the parking/driving lines weren't clear and the exits to his row in the parking lot were blocked with parked cars. The hotel was fairly nice and gave me a lounge to doze in and bought him breakfast. Plus he was there and awake when the panel on barbershop quartets took place. He reports that was the most fun he'd had all weekend (not that I'm surprised, that man loves music).

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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