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Project 52

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This is the last week of 2018 and I won't be sorry to see it go. It has been tough year for me and my family, although I'm pleased to report my mom is doing very much better. Her memory is still a little bit messed up (she has trouble finding the right word and her short-term memory is questionable) but her spirits are high and she has a lot more energy and appears to feel good. She has her consult with the surgeon for colostomy reversal next month and she's eager to have it performed. I read about the side effects and I can't say I'm thrilled, but then I'm not the one living with something I feel is ugly attached to my body. So I'll support her decision and hope for the best.

My brother Rob and his wife are doing well (and she has the most beautiful purple hair -- I *so* wish I'd thought to take photos). My brother Brad was his usual self, complaining about how hard his life is and what terrible hours he works but generous in terms of wanting to give and not receive presents. He also decorated my mom's house and tree for Christmas which was a mixed blessing to be sure. On the one had, it's pretty to look at. On the other he rearranged her furniture to make room for the Christmas tree and that meant that he moved the chair she's supposed to use (because it has arms and does not rock) down into the basement. Mom is getting around the house without her walker but she clearly has trouble getting off the couch and out of her rocking lazy-boys.

We stayed close to home on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we should have gone to a funeral in Mt. Pleasant (the husband of a friend; we did not know the husband at all well) but we stayed home and slept in instead. I was relieved by this as I was worried something would go wrong and we'd be in accident and prevented from seeing my mom. Time is not my friend during the month of December what with all the Christmas concerts, so it was something like two and a half or three months since I was last able to visit her.

At some point we did go for a walk at the zoo, but it was damned cold and we didn't stay very long. The only zoo animals I saw were the camels. The didn't appear to mind the cold; they're looking very shaggy and I guess the long winter coat of camel hair provides good insulation.

Sunday afternoon I spent working on cat beds and watching episodes of NCIS from 2016. I know they were that old because of the political commercials and news briefs. Comments were made about how Donald Trump was breaking political norms and all I could think was "You haven't seen anything yet."

Together with jebra I've also been matching Danger Man. (This is the only show we watch together.) The stories are usually interesting and I like how the show isn't overly sexual and that McGoohan's character does not routinely carry a gun. I keep seeing parallels between what was happening in the show and what's going on in the RL world now. I also very much appreciate how Nazis were unequivocally seen as bad guys. And the failure of the rule of law, such as extrajudicial trials, were seen as universally bad.

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