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Ann Arbor Academy Fundraiser

Information on the Ann Arbor Academy's fund-raising dinner and live auction can be found here, in this pdf file.

Several weeks ago I'd written to inquire about the sorts of items they were interested in having donated, but the only response I received was last week, when I received a registration form. As I'd said in email that I couldn't attend, the school's response was counterproductive. Heck, I wouldn't even know about the auction catalog if I hadn't paid a visit to the academy's website this afternoon.

The dinner is too rich for my budget, and the items being auctioned are likewise all high-end. This may explain why they didn't follow up my offer of a hand-made afghan and/or a matched set of refrigerator magnets featuring the academy's logo. I'm annoyed though, as while I was waiting for them to respond I started on the afghan.

Now I could just donate the afghan to Project Linus, but I wonder if I should try putting it up for auction on eBay along with a notice that proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Ann Arbor Academy. The only thing is though, who would know about the auction if I did that? I mean, people shopping for afghans would, but they are more likely to be looking for a good deal than in bidding on an item that will help support the school. And I've already noticed that many auctions for afghans receive no bids. Is there a way to find an audience interested in bidding on items produced for charity?

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