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Project 52

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The big event of the week was the FCB at the Franklin Cider Mill. The weather did not look promising for the concert as it was overcast and raining for most of the weekend. It was cold and damp and I heard a number of musicians say they had left their good instrument at home and were playing their practice or student version. The photo of the FCB on the page is not the entire band; that is the subset that makes up the Dixieland subset. The full band played after a half hour of Dixieland but my photos of the full band are not worth showing off.

In mom news, she took a turn for the worse and ended up in surgery, having the infected portions of her colon removed. I believe she is still in the hospital as that surgery was only two days ago. She's was transferred to the hospital from the rehabilitation hospital about a week ago, after she started having problems with her urinary tract. She had a stent put in and and her doctors put her on more antibiotics, but that wasn't enough to clear the infection. I haven't been able to reach her on the phone since her surgeries, but I've heard from my sister KC and my brother Rob, so I am not in a panic.

In random news, I am thoroughly disappointed in Dr. Phil as in yesterday's show he repeatedly denied false confessions were a real thing. That really made me mad as people have a hard time imaging themselves confessing doing something they really didn't do, but it happens and it is damn near impossible to convince a jury that the person who confessed the crime is actually innocent. Wrongful convictions piss me off, as do improper interrogations. In yesterday's Dr. Phil, the female half of the couple he was talking with was clearly lying about being the victim of hacks to her cellphone and personal computers and it was clear she was behind the deleted messages and the installation of spyware programs and apps. Yes, this woman was lying. But that does not mean that everyone who claims they were forced into a confession is lying and actually did the thing they were accused of doing. This is one of those intersections between crime and psychology I'm extremely interested in and have done quite a bit of reading on the subject. Dr. Phil is out-and-out wrong about false confessions and it worried me when he went on to say that he teaches police officers how to tell truth from fiction. If he's teaching them false confessions don't exist, he's doing all of us a disservice (as if the proper person isn't brought to trial, the guilty are free to commit more crimes.

Also in the realm of people who have disappointed me, for the past umpteen years I've supported the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and I had a ton of respect for Lady Bird Johnson's work in preserving native plants and the beauty of natural habitats. I held her high esteem and then, a few months ago, I learned about her encounter with Eartha Kitt. I adored Kitt ever since I saw her on Batman when I was a little kid, and to know that her speaking up about drugs, crime, and poverty lead to her being shunned by the White House and blacklisted in Hollywood hurts my heart. Kitt was a good person trying to do the right thing and I'm so upset by what happened I'm tempted to withhold support for the Wildflower Center. Which is crazy as native plants need all the help they can get and withholding my paltry contribution will not somehow make racism, etc., less of current problem.

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