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Project 52

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As the page says, Thursday night we went to see The Wild Party at the Baldwin Theater. It was less of a play and more a collection of song and dance pieces loosely strung together. It was also very sexual — I remember thinking "What's a hand doing there" when a person unrelated to the lyrics or the person singing positioned it right in front of the singer's crotch. I liked the lesbian's costume and the gay (guy) couple was extremely cute. At one point I got upset with them as I could see they were on a couch off to the side with a third person between them. They weren't the focus of the scene and I was worrying they were about to break up. Then the next tune started and all three got up to dance and I thought "Oh, they're just going to have a threesome. No big deal," and relaxed. The gay couple were the only people in the play I really liked. I disliked the male lead as he's loud and a bully. The lead female was not likable either as she's unhappy in her relationship with the bully but not so much so that she wants it to take responsibility and end it. Instead she starts up with a new guy (who may or may not be a total sweetheart, we don't see him long enough to be able to tell if he's genuine), and then wants her relationship with the bully back immediately after that is no longer possible. Everyone else was either forgettable or simply annoying. I can't even decide whether or not I'm glad I saw the thing. I do want to read the poem the play was based upon.

Friday after work jebra took me home, loaded up the car, and headed up to his folks place. They're leaving for Florida soon and he wanted to see them before then. I stayed home with the cats and my knitting. I don't have much time between now and the next Knitting Guild meeting to finish the Bottoms Up Knitted Knockers for Double Pointed Needles I've agreed to knit for the charity project. I'm just about half way through my commitment and starting to worry I won't finish in time. I think I'm getting better and a tiny bit quicker knitting them now that I know the pattern so well, but it still takes about four hours to knit one fake breast and things can still go wrong. Like last night, when I was congratulating myself on mastering the pattern and the yarn (it's very splitty) only to discover that a quarter of the stitches on the bottom needle had slipped off. I couldn't simply pick up the dropped stitches as several of them had dropped back several rows. I tried to reknit the dropped stitches but it didn't look right and I don't want a cancer survivor to have an ugly fake boob, so I un-knit three or four rows, checked my stitch count, and knit from there. I didn't have time to finish that boob before bed (plus I was getting tired and if I goofed up again I'd be beyond pissed off). Once the current one is done I'll be at the half way point. Each ball of yarn produces a pair of matching breasts.

ETA The inset photo shows the front of one knocker and the back of the other. I am not stuffing mine even though this means more work for our charity coordinator. I don't know if she wants the knockers washed before stuffing with polyfill or washed afterwards. So I'm going to leave the stuffing to her.

In yard work news, we cut down another mulberry tree and got the branches chopped up and ready for the city to take for composting. The pile of debris behind the garage is still there since I'm (air quotes) "not allowed" to work on the yard without supervision. The odds me falling over and not being able to recover from the fall without help from another person are just too high.

In inside the house news, our hot water heater stopped heating water and I was convinced I'd have to call our plumber for a replacement. The decal on the water tank was of no help in understanding the error codes nor in providing working instructions on relighting the pilot. Fortunately jebra found a youtube video that explained what to do to correct the problems and we had hot water before it was time my shower last night. And still have hot water today so hopefully it will continue to provide hot water for many years to come. We had to replace the hot water heater after the flood so the unit is not that old.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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