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Project 52

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Friday morning, our friends [profile] mbumby site=""> and traveller42, climbed into our van and jebra drove the four of us to Cheboygan State Park. We arrived shortly before the park office closed for the night, which was good as we needed the access code to enter our cabin. The cabin turned out to be a three bedroom house (with modern plumbing, a nice kitchen, a large living room, and a deck out the back) located on state land. At the cabin we were joined by johnridley, his wife jennlk, and our non-LJ friend Bill.

The bunch of us went out for many meals, some of which included Bill's (adult) son, who was in the area with other friends, but the best meal we shared was one Bill and [profile] mbumby cooked at camp. Grilled salmon for the fish eaters and chicken for me. Plus fresh veggies, and an excellent cauliflower dish I'd be happy to have again.

I can't remember what we did on Saturday other than I think that was the day I spotted the local Goodwill and went in to see if they had any yarn. They did and I bought most of it.

On Sunday we drove to Mackinaw City to buy fudge, window shop, play Ingress, and eat at Darrow's. We were back at camp before dark and the folks planning to walk across the big bridge went to bed early enough to be in line when the Bridge Walk opened at 7:00. I, being the only one not walking, got to sleep in. I was showered and dressed when johnridley and jennlk returned to the cabin. They were the first ones to return because they parked in Mackinac City, took the ferry to St. Ignace, and then walked across when the gates opened. The others started in Mackinac City, walked across to St. Ignace, turned around and walked back. jebra didn't take a shower before the walk, and he informed me that he was a dirty double crosser when we met up at the Cheboygan Drawbridge.

Bill left for home that afternoon. The rest of the group stayed in the cabin one more night> In the morning johnridley and jennlk left for their hotel on Mackinaw Island as they were staying in the area an additional day, while the rest of us climbed back into our van for the trek home.

We made a detour to jebra's parents house for a short visit, then resumed the drive. We got mbumby back to her house in time for her to teach her ESL class, then continued home.

I did almost no knitting while we were away. I was either too tired, too hot, or doing something else. Our connection to the internet was spotty at best and phone connectivity was no better. Although I was delighted when my mom called and actually got through. She's still in the hospital but her mood seemed good and I think the antibiotics are working.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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